2008 UD Masterpieces

Recently, I decided I would attempt to collect as many of the 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces sets as possible. There are 105 cards in the base set (5 of the cards #1-110 were apparently never produced as I can not find any record of their existence). Besides the base set, there are 10 parallel sets: Black, Red (#/199), Blue (#/150), Brown (#/99), Green (#/75), Blue (#/50), Green (#/50), Burgundy (#/25), Light Blue (#/10), and Silver (#/various). The short printed cards (#91-110) are not included in the Black, Red, Blue 150, Brown, or Silver sets. So in total, that is 1,060 cards I am chasing. I do not anticipate ever compiling the entire Light Blue or Silver sets due to scarcity and the Blue 50, Green 50 and Burgundy sets will prove to be difficult as well.

Below is a table marking my statistical progress on all of the sets, as well as a detailed checklist of the 6 least scarce sets.


Base 92 13 87.62%
Black 38 48 44.19%
Red 3 83 3.49%
Blue 150 1 85 1.16%
Brown 2 84 2.33%
Green 75 0 105 0.00%
Blue 50 1 104 0.95%
Green 50 2 103 1.90%
Burgundy 0 105 0.00%
Light Blue 0 105 0.00%
Silver 0 86 0.00%
Overall 139 921 13.11%


# Player Base Black Red (199) Blue (150) Brown (99) Green (75)
1 Donnie Avery RC X X        
2 Adrian Peterson X          
3 D. Tyree/E. Manning X          
4 Alan Ameche X X        
5 Barry Sanders X          
6 Bart Starr X          
7 Ben Roethlisberger X          
8 Brett Favre X          
9 Bob Sanders X X        
10 Brett Favre X          
11 Brian Urlacher X X        
12 Earl Bennett RC X X        
13 Champ Bailey X X        
14 Chuck Bednarik X          
15 Dan Marino X          
16 Brian Bosworth X X        
17 Devin Thomas RC X          
18 Andre Caldwell RC X X        
19 Desmond Howard X X        
20 Devin Hester X          
21 Dick Butkus X          
22 Harry Douglas RC X          
23 Don Shula X          
24 Donovan McNabb X X        
25 Kevin O’Connell RC X X        
26 Doug Flutie X          
27 Drew Pearson X          
28 Dwight Clark X X        
29 Early Doucet RC X X        
30 Ed Podolak X X        
31 Eli Manning X          
32 Joe Flacco RC X          
33 James Hardy RC X          
34 Franco Harris X          
35 Frank Reich X X        
36 Dexter Jackson RC X X        
37 Gale Sayers X          
38 Chris Johnson RC X          
39 Herm Edwards X          
40 Howard Cosell X          
41 Dustin Keller RC X X        
42 Jamaal Charles RC X X        
43 Jim Brown X X        
44 Jim Thorpe X          
45 card not printed
46 Joe Montana X          
47 Joe Namath X X X      
48 John David Booty RC X X     X  
49 John Elway X          
50 Johnny Unitas X X   X    
51 Jordy Nelson RC X X        
52 Kellen Winslow Sr. X X        
53 Eddie Royal RC X          
54 Kevin Dyson X X     X  
55 Kevin Dyson X X X      
56 Kevin Smith RC X X        
57 LaDainian Tomlinson X          
58 Limas Sweed RC X          
59 card not included
60 Malcolm Kelly RC X X        
61 Mario Manningham RC X          
62 Marvin Harrison X          
63 Jerome Simpson RC X X        
64 Matt Forté RC X          
65 card not included
66 Chris Long RC X          
67 Paul Hornung X          
68 Peyton Manning X X        
69 Randy Moss X X        
70 card not included
71 Ray Rice RC X          
72 Red Grange X          
73 Lester Hayes X X        
74 Sammy Baugh X          
75 Adrian Peterson X X        
76 Steve Slaton RC X X        
77 Billy Sims X X        
78 Jack Lambert X          
79 Scott Norwood X          
80 Snow Plow Game X          
81 Terrell Owens X X        
82 Terry Bradshaw X          
83 Tom Brady X          
84 Tom Brady X          
85 Tony Romo X          
86 Vince Lombardi X          
87 Vince Young X X X      
88 Walter Payton X X        
89 Wes Welker X          
90 Y.A. Tittle X          
91 A. Peterson/D. Butkus Time Warp SP    
92 J. Unitas/P. Manning Time Warp SP    
93 B. Favre/P. Hornung Time Warp SP    
94 R. Moss/M. Blount Time Warp SP X  
95 Notre Dame Alumni Time Warp SP    
96 B. Sanders/L. Swann Time Warp SP    
97 P. Hornung/B. Favre Time Warp SP    
98 F. Tarkenton/A. Peterson Time Warp SP X  
99 E. Manning/Y.A. Tittle Time Warp SP    
100 card not included
101 Rashard Mendenhall SP RC X  
102 Brian Brohm SP RC X  
103 Chad Henne SP RC X  
104 Jake Long SP RC X  
105 Felix Jones SP RC    
106 Darren McFadden SP RC    
107 DeSean Jackson SP RC    
108 Glenn Dorsey SP RC    
109 Jonathan Stewart SP RC    
110 Matt Ryan SP RC    

2 Responses to Masterpieces

  1. Doug Haas says:

    Wow, that is quite a card set. I have only just recently got back into collecting football cards. I am not sure I would have the stamina (or money) to make such a quest.

    When I was selling in the 90’s some of the sets had several parallel sets, but not like that.

    Doug Haas

  2. Miss Lynne says:

    did you need an Emmitt Smith DonRuss 1996 2416/4008

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