Error Cards Alive and Well


As most collectors know, error cards are nothing new. In an era when sports cards were nothing more than something for kids to collect and trade, not much attention was paid to quality controls. As cards became more and more popular, and began pulling more and more money on the secondary market, card companies really began cracking down on quality issues and seemingly error cards became less frequent.

Well, no one is perfect. Not even today.

While going through the boxes of 2009 Upper Deck I just bought, I was surprised that out of all the cards, I didn’t pull any copies of #36 in the first box. When I also failed to pull one in the second box (note, I pulled at least one copy of all other 199 veterns in each box), I really began to wonder. That’s when I noticed this little gem:

2009 Upper Deck error cards
Click image for full sized scan

It looks like while Upper Deck was able to come up with solutions for the late roster additions of Michael Vick and Brett Favre, not all off-season player transactions were handled expertly. As I’m sure you all know, Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton swapped teams after Cutler decided to be a cry baby in Denver. The design team got the right info and team logos on both cards, but also made them both #63. Oops! With the way the set is collated (by team), it is clear they got the Orton card correct while they forgot to move Cutler to his new position. Card #36 would have landed it right into the mix of other Chicago Bears. I am guessing Upper Deck had the players pre-selected and seeded into the product and when the two players changed teams, they simply forgot to change the card number of the Cutler card. I also assume that the fact that the cards are numbered #36 and #63 is a pure coincidence, although it does make the trade that more amusing.

Be sure to check back for a full review of 2009 Upper Deck sometime next week!