EXCLUSIVE: First Look at 2011 SAGE Hit

Here is an EXCLUSIVE first look gallery of the “Big Time” inserts from the upcoming 2011 SAGE Hit set. These images are courtesy of SAGE Collectibles and are not available anywhere else. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. By the way, SAGE president Tom Geideman will be reading your comments, so this is the place to let your voice be heard!

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NOTE: An easier-to-navigate image gallery can be found on our Facebook Page.

2011 SAGE Hit Low Series goes live the week of March 14 and is packed out in 16-box cases that contain 30 5-card packs. Low Series boxes have 6 autograph cards on average and NO REDEMPTIONS. This will be your first chance to collect cards of the 2011 rookie class. SAGE’s website has the complete checklist for Low Series and High Series posted.


14 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: First Look at 2011 SAGE Hit

  1. Nathan says:

    I’m not familiar with the rest of the set, but this particular insert set is excellent. I love the design.

    (Sorry I couldn’t provide more constructive criticism, but it’s rare that I actually like an insert set).

  2. Jay McCracken says:

    Tom Geideman was one of the origial creative geniuses at Upper Deck – looks like he is at it again. A nice touch. Looking forward to another season of football with Sage leading the way…..Jay McCracken, Original VP of Sales at Upper Deck

  3. a very retro feel to that insert set back to the early 90’s… kinda cool.
    150 card boxes… will depend big time on the landed price point for me. But I would definitely be interested in a box.

  4. Tom Gamache says:

    Very nice. Very anxious to see more of the product.

  5. Tom Geideman says:

    Thanks for the input everyone. That information is great to have. Thanks again to Dave for posting this up for us.

  6. SarahBear says:

    My, my… I don’t even know what to say? These cards would make a cute comic strip, but football cards? Is it just me or do most of their heads look cartoon-ish and oversized? I know they are trying to think outside the box and make their cards stand out to make up for the lack of licensing… but make your cards look and feel like they are somewhat valuable, not like stickers out of the .50 cent machine at the grocery store. I hope the base set at least has some good old tried and true action shots or something or this set will be avoided by all collectors over the age of 10. I really hope they can put something better out this season, I really believe that they can make a quality card without a license, but they are going to have to push themselves harder than this or they won’t survive in this day and age.

  7. Kevin says:

    Yeah, these are pretty bad. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but these are so ugly. They’re hard on the eyes. I’d love to support SAGE with this release, I’m just hoping the base cards and autos look a lot better than this. Terrible insert in my opinion.

  8. They look like bobbleheads

  9. […] When the people at SAGE had their design meeting to discuss  how 2011 SAGE HIT should look this year, someone must have said “Lets use every color that was ever made.”  The “Big Time” cards sure are colorful, and the player’s head is huge.  They remind me of a bobble-head.  These unlicensed college cards are fun when they first come out, but don’t hold their value.  For all you player collectors, I suggest waiting awhile before purchasing any of these.  The prices will fall fast.  For more images, check out 1st & Goal Sports Cards. […]

  10. tomtheripper says:

    Hell Sell! nice.

  11. Tom Geideman says:

    Even the negative comments are very useful for us. The last thing we want is people to tell us something to our faces and then something else when we’re not around. Thanks to everyone who has posted something thus far.

    The HIT 2011 Football Low Series product went live today (March 17th). SAGE is the only company that attends every packout to help ensure the quality of the product, which we just got back from. Having seen the cards in person it’s my personal opinion that they look much nicer than via JPEG. Hopefully I’ll be able to read some additional comments (both good and bad) and from some collectors who’ve seen the printed cards.

  12. SarahBear says:

    RE: Mr Geideman
    First off let me start by saying, I hope that you don’t think my comment was meant to be seen as negative, that is not at all what I was going for. While it may have been.. A little coarse and to the point.. When I saw that SA*GE higher-ups would be reading this, I felt I needed to make a point. I like SA*GE, but I just think that some of the things I actually like, get worse every year. I want for your products to be good, so I can want to collect them. You want your products to be good, so people will buy them.. I think we should be able to at least agree on that. Now, that being said, what about the design of those cards made you think people were going to be lining up at the card shop and pre-ordering this product? Is it because they are colorful and got a lot going on? Listen, I know you don’t have a license.. but if you want your cards to stand out, make them stand out because they are NICE, not colorful. Good action pictures where you can see some determination on a players face, a NICE font, and I like glossy cards, but some people like foil and matte-like cards can be very elegant looking. KISS. Remember that. (K)eep (I)t (S)imple, (S)tupid. It sometimes saves you before you have gone too far. Good luck and all the best.

  13. geraldewing says:

    Sage cards is using photos of Johnny Knox when he was a rookie and never even asked the photographer. They are involved in a bitter lawsuit. I personally wouldn’t buy or collect any SAGE cards. This comment will be gone soon.

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