Emmitt Smith

Part of my Emmitt Smith collection can be viewed online! Just click the blue banner above! (I have obtained many new Emmitt cards and am in the process of scanning them and performing a major overhaul to the Gallery)

When I was a kid, I thought I was a Dallas Cowboys fan. As it turns out, I was really an Emmitt Smith fan. My interest in the Cowboys severly waned when they traded him to the Arizona Cardinals and I lost almost all interest in the NFL for a few years after he retired in the spring of 2005.  During all of this time, I have made collecting Emmitt Smith cards a priority in my personal collection. Even during my hiatus from the Hobby, I still stopped by the hobby shop in the local mall to add a few Smith cards to my collection.

The focus of my collection was originally to obtain at least one card for every year of Emmitt’s career.  When that was accomplished, I wanted all 5 of his official Rookie Cards.  Then I aimed for the Topps base card for every year of his career, as that was the only company that made a card each of his 15 NFL years (or so I thought — apparently Score did the same).  Since then, I’ve just been trying to get my hands on anything I don’t have.  If I find a set I really like, I’ll go after the Smith cards, otherwise, it’s whatever I can find.

Today, thanks to the Hobby’s online community and eBay, I have over 600 different Emmitt Smith cards. My collection may only have 1 certified auto and only 5 relics, and the “value” may not compare to that of many other player collections out there, but it has always been a source of pride and joy for me, which is what this Hobby is all about.

The card pictured is the 1991 Fleer base card #237. It may look bland and not have any resale value, but it was the first Emmitt Smith card I ever obtained, and therefore, remains one of my favorite.

Below is a list of the Emmitt Smith cards currently in my collection. If you have any Emmitt cards laying around that you do not want anymore, I may be willing to buy or trade for them, although I will admit that funds are a little tight for me right now.  Similarly, if you are a fellow Emmitt collector and would like any of the cards below that I have indicated that I have doubles, by all means please ask. I will be happy to send them over to you.  Shoot me an email and we will chat.

Total Cards:  806
Total Unique Cards:  655
Total Rookie Cards:  5
Total Unique Serial Numbered Cards:  41
Total Relic Cards:  5
Total Autographed Cards:  1

Action Packed Rookie Update #34 (RC)
Fleer Update #U40 (RC)
Pro Set #685 (x3) (RC)
Score Supplemental #101T (RC)
Topps Traded #27T (Graded BCCG10) (RC)

American Sports Monthly #4
Bowman #117
Fleer #237 (x2)
Fleer LL #418 (x2)
Pacific #107 (x2)
Pinnacle #42
Pinnacle GW #364 (x2)
Pro Set O-ROY #10 (x2)
Pro Set #485
Pro Set Platinum #25
Pro Set Platinum Collectible #PC9
Pro Set Promos Gazette #PSG1
Score #15 (x2)
Score ROY #675 (x2)
Stadium Club #2 (x2)
Topps #360
Ultra #165
Ultra Performances #1
Upper Deck #172 (x3)
Upper Deck TM #456
Upper Deck Game Breaker Holograms #GB5 (x2)
Wild Card #46

Action Packed #56 (x3)
Action Packed Braile #283
Action Packed Prototypes #92N
Action Packed All-Madden #1
All World LM #1
Finest #27
Fleer #89 (x3)
Fleer LL #453 (x4)
Fleer PV #475
Pacific #68 (x2)
Pacific Prism Inserts #6
Playoff #1 (x2)
Power #22 (x3)
Pro Line Portraits #316
Pro Set LL #7
Pro Set #150 (x2)
Pro Set PB #425
Pro Set National Sports Collectors Convention Promo#2
Pro Set Power Preview #NNO (x2)
Score #65
Skybox Impact #275 (x3)
Skybox Impact LL #308 (x2)
Skybox Prime Time #22
Skybox Prime Time Poster Cards #165
Stadium Club #190
Stadium Club MC #303 (x2)
Topps #180 (x2)
Topps 1000 Yard Club #1 (x2)
Upper Deck TC #83 (x2)
Upper Deck #254 (x2)
Upper Deck SL #301 (x2)
Upper Deck SBK #516 (x3)
Wild Card #161(x2)
Wild Card LL #245
Wild Card #273
Wild Card Stat Smashers #SS46
Wild Card Stat Smashers Promo #P2

Action Packed All-Madden #36
Bowman FOIL #300 (x2)
Collector’s Edge #48
Collector’s Edge Rookies FX #FX20
Fax-Pax World of Sport #17
Fleer #233 (x2)
Fleer LL #244
Pacific #1
Pacific Prisms #22
Pacific Silver Prism Circular Inserts #18
Pinnacle #100
Playoff #10
Playoff TB #278
Playoff Contenders Promos #6
Playoff Promos #1
Power HL #100 (x3)
Power Combos (w/ Barry Sanders) #1 (x2)
Power Hologram #H1
Power Hologram #H2
Power Prototypes #22
Pro Line Portraits #587
Pro Line Portraits #589
Pro Line Portraits #594
Pro Set #39
Score #14
Score Franchise #6
Select #55
Skybox Impact #74
SP #72
Stadium Club #85
Stadium Club Member’s Choice #491
Stadium Club Super Teams Division Winner Stamped #DW11
Stadium Club Super Teams Super Bowl #SB3
Stadium Sports #NNO
Topps #120 (x3)
Topps TL #173
Topps LL #219
Ultra #101
Ultra Touchdown Kings #9
Upper Deck TC #73 (x2)
Upper Deck #359
Upper Deck SL #421
Upper Deck SL #425 (x2)
Upper Deck 24K Gold #2 (S/N #1087/2500)
Upper Deck Future Heroes #39
Upper Deck Future Heroes CL #45
Wild Card #87
Wild Card Field Force #EFF-71

Action Packed All-Madden #1
Classic NFL Experience #26
Classic NFL Experience Promos #3
Collector’s Choice I93 #38 (x2)
Collector’s Choice #215
Collector’s Edge Boss Squad #13
Excalibur 22K #3
Excalibur FX Silver Shield EQ #FX1
Fleer #121
Fleer Award Winners #4
Fleer League Leaders #7 (x2)
Fleer Living Legends #5
GameDay Flashing Stars #4
GameDay Gamebreakers #13
Images Promo #IF1
Pacific #12
Pinnacle #81
Playoff Contenders #20 (x2)
Playoff GA #238
Playoff SB #265
Pro Line Live ILL #404
Pro Line Live Promo #PR1
Score #40
Score MVP #330
Select #1
Skybox Impact #63
Skybox Premium #41 (x2)
Stadium Club Dynasty and Destiny #1 (x2)
Stadium Club Ring Leaders #1
Topps #1
Topps LL #118
Topps TG #547
Topps MG #611 (x2)
Ultra #76
Ultra Achievement Awards #8
Ultra Award Winners #3
Ultra Flair Hot Numbers #13 (x2)
Ultra Flair Scoring Power #5
Upper Deck #157

Absolute #22
Absolute Die Cut Helmets #4
Action Packed Monday Night Football #55
Bowman #140
Classic Five Sport #197
Classic Five Sport NFL Experience Preview #EP1
Classic NFL Rookies #110
Collector’s Choice DYK #50
Collector’s Choice #234
Collector’s Choice Player’s Club #234
Collector’s Choice Crash the Game Gold Redemption #C15
Collector’s Choice Update #U61
Collector’s Choice Update Post Season Heroics Gold #17
Collector’s Choice Update Stick-Ums #11
Collector’s Edge Black Label Silver Die Cuts#56
Collector’s Edge Gold Logo #56
Collector’s Edge Instant Replay EdgeTech Die Cuts #10
Crown Royale #125
Excalibur #93 (S/N #049666)
Excalibur EdgeTech #1
Flair #57
Fleer Flair Preview #8
Fleer GridironLeaders #7 (x3)
Fleer TD Sensations #7 (x2)
Images Four Sport Player of the Year #POY2
Images Limited #1
Images Limited CL #125
Metal #53
Metal Platinum Portraits #10
Metal Silver Flashers #42
Pinnacle #73 (x2)
Pinnacle CL #247
Pinnacle Club Collection #226
Pinnacle Club Collection #229
Pinnacle Club Collection #232
Pinnacle Club Collection #233
Pinnacle Club Collection #234 (x3)
Playoff Contenders #22
Playoff Prime #22
Pro Line #304
Pro Line CL #397
Pro Line Pro Bowl #PB6
Score #10
Score SS #206 (x3)
Score CL #238
Score Dream Team #DT5
Score Offense Inc. #OF2
Select Certified #17
Skybox Impact #41
Skybox Impact Power #IP23
Skybox Premium #35 (x3)
Skybox Premium SP #147 (x3)
Skybox Premium MI #149 (x3)
Skybox Premium Paydirt Gold #PD25 (x3)
SP #44
SP All-Pros #3
SP Championship #93
Sportflix #9
Sportflix GW #149
Sportflix Man 2 Man (w/ M. Faulk) #2
Sportflix Rolling Thunder #1
Stadium Club #130
Stadium Club Members Only 50 #45
Stadium Club Metalists #M5 (x2)
Stadium Club MVPs #MVP7
Stadium Club Nightmares #NM11
Stadium Club Power Surge #P8
Summit #64
Topps TYC #4 (x3)
Topps #330
Topps Finest Boosters #B180
Topps Florida Hot Bed #FH8
Topps Profiles #1 (x2)
Ultra #80
Ultra Gold Medallion #80
Ultra Gold Medallion Extra Stars#485
Upper Deck #200 (x2)
Upper Deck Pro Bowl #PB4
Upper Deck Special Edition #SE25
Zenith #Z1

Absolute Metal XL #2
Action Packed #1
Assets A Cut Above #CA8
Bowman’s Best #1 (x2)
CE President’s Reserve Honor Guard #GHG3 (S/N #0878/1000)
CE President’s Reserve Tanned Rested and Ready #5
Classic NFL Experience #1
Classic NFL Experience Sculpted #S4
Classic NFL Experience Super Bowl Die Cut Promos #6C
Classic NFL Experience X #X10 (S/N #1110)
Classic NFL Rookies #75
Clear Assets #29
Collector’s Choice #115
Collector’s Choice A Cut Above #4
Collector’s Choice MVPs #M12
Collector’s Edge Advantage Crystal Cuts Silver #CC15  (S/N  #1269/3100)
Collector’s Edge Big Easy #5
Donruss #143 (x2)
Donruss CL #240 (x2)
Finest Sterling #S265
Fleer Pro Football Weekly #190
Fleer Statistically Speaking #16
Laser View #4
Laser View PE #31
Leaf #88
Leaf CL #190 (x2)
Metal #33
Pacific Dynagon #39
Pacific Dynagon Kings of the NFL #K1
Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts #GC1
Pinnacle #1
Pinnacle BF6 #184
Pinnacle CL #197
Pinnacle Foil #1
Pinnacle Foil BF6 #184
Pinnacle Mint Coins Brass #15
Pinnacle Trophy Collection BF6 #184
Playoff Contenders Open Field Foil #22
Playoff Prime #111
Playoff Trophy Contenders #4 (x2)
Pro Line #40
Pro Line CL #349
Pro Line STAMPED #40
Pro Line DC3 #1
Pro Line Intense #74
Score #1
Score SE #251 (x2)
Score CL #272
Score Footsteps #6
Score Board All Sport PPF #87 (x2)
Score Board All Sport PPF #195
Score Board All Sport PPF Gold #126
Score Board Laser Images Sample #NNO
Score Board Lasers #40
Select #37
Select FF #187
Select Certified #27
Select Prime Cuts #1
Skybox Impact #39
Skybox Premium #47 (x2)
SPx Gold #13
SPx HoloFame #HM2
Stadium Club #210
Summit Silver Foil CL #197
Topps TYC #121
Topps #306
Topps Chrome #108
Topps Gilt Edge #8
Ultra #42
Ultra Pulsating #8
Ultra Sensations Blue #29
Upper Deck #158 (x3)
Upper Deck Hot Properties #HT6
Upper Deck Predictors #PH10
Upper Deck Predictors #PR10
Upper Deck Silver #188
Upper Deck Silver SL #220 (x2)
Zenith #20
Zenith Triple Trouble #147
Zenith CL #150

Absolute #152 (x2)
Action Packed #5
Bowman’s Best #30
Collector’s Choice #162
Donruss #3
Donruss Preferred P #1
Donruss Preferred NT B #136 (x7)
Donruss Preferred Chain Reaction #2B  (S/N  #0659/3000)
Donruss Preferred Stare Master #12 (S/N  #0641/1500)
Donruss Preferred Tins #22 (x6)
Donruss Preferred Tins Blue Box #22 (S/N #0349/1200)
Donruss Press Proofs Silver #3  (S/N  #1/1500)
E-X2000 #9
Finest B #260
Flair Showcase Row 2/Style #22
Flair Showcase Row 1/Grace #22
Fleer Goudey #97
Fleer Goudey II #22
Leaf #10
Leaf L #185 (x3)
Pacific Dynagon Best Kept Secrets #87
Pacific Invincible Smash Mouth #22
Pinnacle I #184
Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights #28 (x2)
Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Die Cuts #28
Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Coins Nickel #28
Pinnacle X-Press #20
Playoff Contenders #37
Playoff First and Ten #152
Playoff Zone #25
Pro Line #72 (x2)
Score Board Playbook By the Number #RB1
Score Board Players Club #20
Score TBP #318
Score New Breed #17
Skybox Premium #66
Skybox Premium Autographics #55 AUTO
SPx #34
SPx Gold #34
Stadium Club #80
Stadium Club Offensive Strikes #GC3
Topps #220 (x2)
Topps Chrome #81
Topps Gallery #110
UD3 Generation Excitement #GE7
Ultra #54
Ultra Gold Medallion #54
Upper Deck SRF #40
Upper Deck #133
Upper Deck Star Attractions #SA2
Zenith CL #149

Absolute Retail #91
Aurora Championship Fever #12
Black Diamond #112 (x2)
Black Diamond Rookies #23 (x2)
Bowman Chrome #105
Bowman’s Best #1
Collector’s Edge Advantage #44
Collector’s Edge First Place #197 (x2)
Collector’s Edge Odyssey 1st Qtr #38
Collector’s Edge Odyssey 2nd Qtr #160
Collector’s Edge Odyssey Previews 4th Qtr #234
Collector’s Edge Super Bowl Card Show #4
Crown Royale Pillars of the Game #4
Crown Royale Pivotal Players #6
Finest #160
Flair Showcase Row 3/Flair #2
Flair Showcase Row 2/Style #2
Fleer Tradition #4
Fleer Tradition Red Zone Rockers #RZ10
Leaf Rookies and Stars #243
Leaf Rookies and Stars Game Plan #9 (S/N #0612/5000)
Paramount Copper #63
Pinnacle Team Pinnacle Collector’s Club #F3
Playoff Contenders Leather #21
Playoff Contenders Ticket #22
Playoff Prestige Hobby #82
Playoff Prestige Retail Red #82
Score #7
Score OS #261
Score Showcase Artists’ Proofs #PP7
Score Board Hallmark Keepsake Ornament #NNO
Skybox Premium #189 (x2)
Skybox Thunder #222
SPx #12
SPx Finite #24
SPx Finite Spectrum #24
SPx Finite Spectrum PM #113  (S/N  #0100/1375)
Stadium Club Chrome Refractors #SCC6
Stadium Club Leading Legends #7
Topps #25 (x2)
Topps Measure of Greatness #MG12
Topps Chrome #151
Topps Chrome Measure of Greatness #MG12 (x2)
Topps Mystery Finest Refractors #M12
Topps Season Opener #38
Topps Stars Bronze #63 (S/N #1545/8799)
Topps Stars Silver #63 (S/N #3793/3999)
Topps Stars Gold #63  (S/N  #0838/1999)
UD Choice #323
UD Choice Starquest #22
UD Choice Starquest/Rookquest #9
UD3 UE #72
Ultra #161 (x2)
Ultra Top 30 #17
Ultra Touchdown Kings #15
Upper Deck #92 (x2)
Upper Deck Constant Threat #CT22
Upper Deck Super Powers #S22

Absolute SSD #28 (blue)
Absolute SSD CA #113
Absolute SSD Green #28
Absolute SSD Purple #28
Aurora #44
Aurora Pinstripes #44
Black Diamond #29
Black Diamond A Piece of History #ES  (RELIC)
Black Diamond Gallery #G5
Bowman Chrome #40
Bowman’s Best #30
Collector’s Edge Advantage #44
Collector’s Edge First Place #45
Collector’s Edge Odyssey #46
Collector’s Edge Odyssey 3Q #174
Collector’s Edge Supreme #34
Collector’s Edge Supreme T3 #T12
Collector’s Edge Triumph #T17
Collector’s Edge Triumph Fantasy Team #FT9
Collector’s Edge Triumph Pack Warriors #PW3
Donruss Elite #22
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch #5B  (S/N  #1397/1500)
Donruss Elite Primary Colors Yellow #23 (S/N #0012/1875)
Donruss Elite Primary Colors Blue #23  (S/N  #316/950)
Donruss Gridiron Kings #GK12 (S/N #3982/5000)
Finest #90
Finest Gems #130
Flair Showcase PW #28
Flair Showcase PN #88 (x2)
Fleer Focus #98
Fleer Tradition #9
Fleer Tradition Blitz Collection #9
Leaf Certified #154
Leaf Rookies and Stars #51
Metal Universe #69
Pacific #117
Pacific Omega #71 (x2)
Pacific Omega TD 99 #6
Paramount #73
Playoff Momentum SSD #111
Playoff Prestige EXP #168
Playoff Prestige SSD Spectrum Gold #33 (S/N #141/500)
Score #64
Score Great Combos (w/ Troy Aikman) #274
Score Scoring Core #22
Skybox Molten Metal #120
Skybox Molten Metal Perfect Fit #PF5
Skybox Premium #104 (x2)
SP Authentic #23
SP Authentic Supremacy #S5
Sports Illustrated Canton Calling #2
Stadium Club #40
Topps #50 (x2)
Topps SH #322 (x2)
Topps Chrome #30 (x3)
Topps Chrome Hall of Fame #H24
Topps Chrome Record Numbers RN#3
Topps Gold Label Class 1 #25
Topps Gold Label Class 2 #25
Topps Gold Label Race to Gold #R6
Topps Stars #14
UD Ionix #17 (x2)
Ultra #126
Ultra Counterparts (w/ D. Johnston) #14
Upper Deck #59
Upper Deck Century Legends #59
Upper Deck Encore #49
Upper Deck Encore Live Wires #L3
Upper Deck HoloGrFX #12
Upper Deck MVP #52
Upper Deck Ovation #16 (x3)
Upper Deck Retro #43 (x2)
Upper Deck Strike Force #SF5 (x3)

Aurora Helmet Styrotechs #5
Black Diamond #31
Bowman Chrome #123
Bowman’s Best #60
Collector’s Edge EG #120
Collector’s Edge EG Impeccable #I4 (S/N #0584/2000)
Collector’s Edge Odyssey #28
Crown Royale In Your Face #6
Donruss #41 (x3)
Donruss Elite #29
Donruss Zoning Commission #ZC3 (S/N #0638/1000)
E-X #64
Finest #86
Fleer Focus #36
Fleer Focus Last Man Standing #9
Fleer Gamers #64 (x4)
Fleer Mystique #83
Fleer Mystique Canton Calling #6
Fleer Showcase #54
Fleer Tradition #299
Fleer Tradition Throwbacks #17
Fleer Tradition Tradition of Excellence #10
Fleer Tradition Whole Ten Yards #7
Impact #20
Leaf Rookies & Stars #23
Metal #109
Pacific Prism Prospects #27
Playoff Prestige #47
Private Stock #26
Score #53
Score Scoreboard #53 (S/N #1040/2000)
Skybox #36
Skybox Sole Train #4 (x2)
SP Authentic #22
SPx #23
SPx Prolifics #P5
Stadium Club #90 (x2)
Topps #10
Topps Highlights #328
Topps Chrome #34 (x2)
Topps Chrome Highlights #198
Topps Combos #TC9
Topps Own the Game #OTG9
Topps Season Opener #159
UD Ionix #15
Ultimate Victory #26
Ultra #40
Upper Deck #60
Upper Deck Encore Highlight Zone #HZ5
Upper Deck Legends Canton Calling #CC6
Upper Deck MVP #44 (x2)
Upper Deck Ovation #16
Vanguard #82

Bowman Chrome #1 (x3)
Fleer Focus #112
Fleer Game Time #34
Fleer Genuine #48
Fleer Premium #146
Fleer Premium Home Field Advantage #10
Fleer Tradition #22 (x2)
Leaf Rookies and Stars #30
Pacific #125 (x2)
Pacific Dynagon #26
Pacific Invincible Retail #67
Playoff Honors #56
Private Stock PS-2001 #28
Quantum Leaf #51
Score #54
Select Settle the Score #SS3
SP Authentic #26
Stadium Club #21
Topps #200 (x2)
Topps Heritage #21
Topps Reserve #11
Upper Deck #47
Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #25
Upper Deck Rookie F/X #24
Upper Deck Vintage #47
Vanguard #24 (x2)

Bowman #1
Bowman Chrome #1
Donruss #52
Donruss Classics #13
Flair #77
Flair Franchise Favorites #7
Fleer Box Score #15
Fleer Focus JE #20
Fleer Genuine #49
Fleer Platinum #191
Fleer Premium #90
Fleer Tradition DD #240
Gridiron Kings #21
Gridiron Kings Bronze #21
Gridiron Kings Silver #21 (S/N #382/400)
Gridiron Kings Gold #21 (S/N #024/100)
Gridiron Kings DK Originals #DK21 (S/N #0853/1000)
Gridiron Kings Donruss 1894 #MC7 (S/N #0924/1000)
Leaf Certified #21
Pacific Adrenaline Driven #7
Pacific Exclusive Advantage #6
Pacific Heads Up #36
Playoff Contenders #54
Score #71 (x2)
Stadium Club #75
Topps #75 (x2)
Topps Pristine #50
Ultra #15
Upper Deck #48
Upper Deck Honor Roll #15

Bowman #28
Fleer Genuine Insider Tools of the Game #8
Fleer Showcase Sweet Stitches #8
Fleer Tradition #38
Gridiron Kings #25
Leaf Rookies & Stars #1
Playoff Contenders #27
Playoff Hogg Heaven #1
Playoff Honors #32
Score #181
Topps #150
Topps Record Breakers #RB9
Topps Chrome Record Breakers #RB9
Topps Draft Picks and Prospects #49
Topps Pristine #14
UD Patch Collection #22
UD SuperStars #73
Ultra #45

Donruss Classics #2
Donruss Elite #1 (x2)
Fleer Platinum #113
Fleer Showcase #91
Fleer Tradition #96
Leaf Certified Materials #2
Leaf Rookies & Stars #2
Skybox LE #34
Topps #191 (x2)
Upper Deck Finite HG #1
Upper Deck Foundations #2
Upper Deck Legends #2

Playoff Prestige #2 (x2)
Ultra Gold Medallion #97
Ultra TD Kings #14

Topps Triple Threads #10  (S/N  #0035/1199)

Topps Co-Signers #44 (x5)
Topps Co-Signers Changing Faces Holosilver Blue #44A  (S/N  #85/99)
Topps TX Exclusive #214  (S/N  #0746/1099)
Upper Deck College to Pros #ES
Upper Deck Goudey Sport Royalty #ES

Donruss Classics Classic Combos Jerseys Prime (w/ Michael Irvin) #4 (RELIC) (S/N  #19/25)
Donruss Classics Classic Quads #9  (S/N  #0301/1000)
Donruss Classics Classic Quads Gold #1  (S/N  #061/100)
Donruss Classics Classic Singles Jerseys #1  (RELIC) (S/N  #23/50)
Donruss Classics Timeless Treasures Material #11  (RELIC)  (S/N  #173/250)
Donruss Classics Timeless Treasures Silver Holofoil #11  (S/N  #011/250)
Donruss Elite Throwback Threads (w/ Marion Barber) #31  (RELIC) (S/N  #077/199)
Donruss Threads Century Legends #1
Donruss Threads Pro Gridiron Kings Silver #9 (S/N #206/250)
Topps Dynasties #DYNES
Upper Deck Goudey Sport Royalty #289

Upper Deck Heroes #234
Upper Deck Heroes #235
Upper Deck Icons Greats of the Game Gold #GG-ES (S/N #089/199)


116 Responses to Emmitt Smith

  1. AdamE says:

    I have a small box of Emmit Smith cards I will trade you. Give me your address and I will send them to you. I collect Dan Marino cards and I hardly have any after 1999.

  2. jswaykos says:

    I have a bunch of Emmitt cards in a box I bought off a guy five years ago. Most of them are some sort of insert, I believe, but I’m not sure. I’m currently undergoing a massive reorganization of my cards (mostly baseball), but when I get to the football I’ll compare them against your inventory and ship any you don’t have in your direction!

  3. Sarah E. Freeh says:

    I have 3 Emmitt Smith cards in the scre together molds left behind to me. 1996, Emmitt Smith, Pacific Collection, Die Cut, #1078 of #1210~ don’t see that you have this one and I can’t find mention of it anywhere I have looked so far. Another of the 3 is 1996,Topps, finest playmakers with the seal still in tact, Card#300, Theme P90,Rare. The last is a 1994, 23 Karat gold, league MVP,#3230 of 10,000. Let me know what ya think. Just figured I post this and see. thanks!

  4. CPAdave says:

    @Sarah, would you be looking for a trade, or would you be looking to sell them? Also, can you provide any other information on the cards? Even a card number (not the serial number), especially for cards 1 and 3 (the P90 would be the card number for card 2).

  5. Catch22 says:

    Im a huge Emmitt fan I have 891 cards in my collection i have slowed down myself because moneys been tight but I will trade I Will look through youre list and let you know what you dont have and see if we can make some trades.

  6. Catch22 says:

    These are the cards I have
    93-94 Stadium Sports NNO
    1996 Score (Footsteps) #6 w/C.Martin
    1996 Laserview #4
    1996 Pro Line DC3 #1
    2000 Fleer Tradition(Whole 10 Yards) #7
    1993 Pinnacle #100
    2000 Upper Deck Ovation #16
    1993 Playoff #278
    1992 Action Packed(All Madden) #27
    1995 Collectors Choice #50
    1999 Leaf Certified #154
    1999 Bowmans Best #30
    2000 Topps Chrome #CP19
    1999 Collectors Edge Supreme #34
    1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey #174
    1998 Collectors Edge Odyssey #38 1st qtr
    1997 Upper Deck Black Diamond #112
    1996 Score Board NFL Lasers #40
    2000 Leaf R&S #23
    2001 Fleer Focus #112
    2002 Stadium Club #75
    2004 Fleer Platinum #113
    1995 Classic Images #POY2
    1995 Pro Line #304
    1991 A.S.M. #4 (Odd Ball)
    1991 Fleer #418
    1999 Score #274 w/Aikman
    1991 Pro Set #485
    1994 Pinnacle #81
    1993 Pro Line Profiles #587
    1993 Pro Line Profiles #594
    1996 Pinnacle BF6 #184 (Foil)
    1997 Pacific Dynagon(Best kept secrets)#87

    Contact me at e-mail or contact me at (432)684-6095
    My name is Ulises thank you.

  7. Catch22 says:

    I will give u all these for just 7 of youre doubles.
    Ill take a look to see if I have any Conways and send them youre way.

  8. Catch22 says:

    These are the cards I was needing.
    My address is: 1406 w. county rd. 116
    Midland TX 79706

    1996 CE Presidents Reserve (Honor Gaurd) #HG3
    1995 Excalibur #93
    1996 Score Board All Sport PPF #195
    1997 Donruss Preferred Tins #22
    2001 Fleer Tradition #22
    1999 Pacific Omega #71
    1994 Stadium Club (Ring Leaders) #1

  9. Catch22 says:

    sorry it was 8
    1997 Leaf L #185

  10. Catch22 says:

    never mind I have it.

  11. Catch22 says:

    Hey whats up man just wondering if I can ad a link to your site on my site if thats OK.

  12. CPAdave says:

    Of course you can.

    I took a look at your site. Pretty cool! I will definitely have to peruse your collection to make a wishlist as you have a bunch I do not. I can already tell I am going to waste plenty of time looking over your collection!

  13. Catch22 says:

    Thanks for letting me add it. I will do it in the near future I still have some years to add and its taking forever. Ive been buying new ones here and there so its kinda kicking my butt to keep adding.I want to finish all the years so I can just scan my new ones.

    Let me know if this is a good idea. I was thinking of adding a page to my site called (My new ones) I will add new cards that I get to show off the new stuff.

    Let me know what you think.

  14. CPAdave says:

    I like that idea of a “new” section. It would allow frequent visitors to see your newest additions, and allow you to dump all of your new scans on the site until you get a chance to organize them more formally. Cool idea.

  15. Catch22 says:

    Whats up man, I was wondering if youre list has been fully updated? The reason I ask is because I just got all my Emmitts back and was gonna go through your collection to see what your missing.


  16. CPAdave says:

    Hey Bud, that’s awesome you got those cards back! My list above is complete for what I currently have in my possession. I did just order a few more Emmitts online this week, and those aren’t on the list yet as I don’t have them yet (I’m weird like that). They are:

    1993 Pacific Silver Prism Cicular Inserts #18
    1998 SPx Finite #24
    1998 SPx Finite Spectrum #24
    1998 Stadium Club Chrome Refractors #SCC6
    1999 Absolute SSD #113 CA
    1999 Absolute SSD #28 (blue)
    1999 Absolute SSD Green #28
    1999 Absolute SSD Purple #28
    2000 Metal #109
    2000 SP Authentic #22
    2000 Topps Own the Game #OTG9
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage #47
    2009 Upper Deck Heroes #235

    As always, thanks for your over-the-top generousity. It is greatly appreciated! If you need my mailing address again, just ask and I will email it to you (rather than posting it here).

  17. Catch22 says:

    Do you get all your cards from ebay? Have you checked out checkoutmycards.com very reasonable prices and shipping is cheaper if u buy more then one card instead of paying $3.00 on ebay. Dont get me wrong i still buy from ebay but when I buy several singles I usually got to that website.

    It will be a little while before i get those to u but dont worry u will have them soon once i see what u dont have i will make a list and e-mail it to you.

  18. Catch22 says:

    Just wondering do you have any warrick dunn’s or michael irvin’s you dont want or need?

  19. CPAdave says:

    If there is a very specific card I want, I will definitely go to eBay and then check out the seller’s other listings to try to get reduced shipping on multiple items. I’ve also found hobby shops around the U.S. through places like Beckett Marketplace, and then I contact the owner directly and ask if I can pay with PayPal or even a direct check. I also try to buy lots, figuring if I do receive cards I already have, I can always trade them or sell them again. I haven’t bought anything from checkoutmycards.com, but I have visited a few times. I will have to consider it more in the future.

    I definitely have Warrick Dunn and Michael Irvin cards for the taking. Do you have any specifics in mind or would anything I have work? If you give me a few days, I can get you a detailed list of what I have for either of those guys (I have all of my cards catalogged in Microsoft Access, so it’s pretty easy to run a report per player).

    Let me know.

  20. Catch22 says:

    Anyhting you have will work. Thank you for that any emmitt’s I come across that I have and you dont I will let you know and they are yours.
    Just send me a list of those cards and I will see what I need.

    Greatly apreciated

  21. Catch22 says:

    P.S Iam a horrible speller LOL

  22. Catch22 says:

    You can just send a list and I will tell you what I need
    Any Emmitts I get that are doubles are yours. When I buy lots I usally have a lot of them I will get in touch when I start buying lots again.


  23. Catch22 says:

    forget the latest post i thought it didnt get posted.

  24. Randy says:

    I will be listing some Emmitt cards tonight on Ebay. Thought you may be interested. I was an Emmitt collector and do have some hard to get items.

  25. Catch22 says:

    Found 103 Emmitts you dont have I will have a list ready in the next few days.

  26. CPAdave says:

    103?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!? PLEASE let me know if there are any other players I can send your way, besides Dunn and Irvin. There is no way I can let you send me that many Emmitts without trying to return the favor. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for your generousity, but the kid in me that was taught to share wants to make sure you get something in return…

  27. Catch22 says:

    I will see what other players I want I will let you know.
    I was going to ask you if you could look at your 2001 Score card of Emmitt on the back of the card top right hand it should say (Pack War Rating) right under that it should say (Endzone Eddie) or something different these are parallels and are almost impossible to tell apart. If you could let me know maybe yours is different.

  28. CPAdave says:

    Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. I am pretty sure mine says “Endzone Eddie”, but I will have to check on that for you.

  29. Catch22 says:

    This is my list of players I like.

    Jerry Rice
    Reggie Bush
    All cowboys

  30. Catch22 says:

    I just added some new Emmitts on my site feel free to check them out at http://freewebs.com/emmittzone/

  31. Catch22 says:

    Just wondering is there any other players you collect?

  32. CPAdave says:

    At this point, just Curtis Conway. I realized this summer I really need to focus my collection, so right now I am just going for Emmitt and Curtis and the occassional set I feel like hand collating (usually Upper Deck’s flagship brand each year).

    I want to start a Penn State alums collection, but that would be a very specific list of rookie cards, and I haven’t had time to pull that together yet.

  33. CPAdave says:

    Nice new Emmitts! Some of those look familiar. 🙂

    What do you think about the Topps Gold Label Race to Gold (with Walter Payton)? I love the look and feel of that card.

  34. Catch22 says:

    When you do let me know and Ill see what I have.

  35. Catch22 says:

    I will be busy all weekend Ill send your Emmitts first thing Monday morning.

  36. Catch22 says:

    The Topps Gold Label Race to Gold Is one of the greatest looking cards Ive ever seen, I have been looking for the black version.

  37. Catch22 says:

    My buddy gave me some Emmitts he didnt want they where doubles for me but I found 1 you need 1995 Pinnacle Club Collection #232 its not anything to WOW about but its something new.

  38. CPAdave says:

    Hey, I’m not picky. I appreciate ALL of my Emmitt cards, so ANY card I don’t already have is a huge help for me.

  39. Catch22 says:

    I just sent your Emmitt’s out today you should get them in the next few days.
    I will send you my list in the next day or so.

  40. CPAdave says:

    Awesome. I will be sure to check my mailbox in a few days! I will let you know when they arrive.

  41. Dave J says:

    I have all cards from pro set. Including 3 uncut sheets
    1 sheet is all Emmitt ps1 thru ps10.
    2nd sheet is a promo sheet with Emmitt on the bottom and seau, bettis, brooks, wilson & kenndy on top.
    3rd is national sports collectors convention # sheet with Emmitt, Sanders, Watters, Centers, Armstrong, Rivers, Woodson, Dotson & Rice. I also Have some Action packed.

  42. Catch22 says:

    Whats up man just wondering if youve bought any new Emmitts I have a 1997 Score(New Breed) I got in a lot just wondering if you have it? If you dont let me know and I will send it your way.
    Ive been buying like crazy my wife is going to be pissed….Just kidding my wife supports my adiction LOL

  43. CPAdave says:

    I haven’t bought any new Emmitts recently. Too busy. I do not have that 1997 Score card. What I do have is a crap load of cards I need to get mailed to you!

  44. Catch22 says:

    Im in no hurry just send them when ever you get a chance
    By the way what is it that you do for a living? Optional

  45. CPAdave says:

    I am in public accounting, so right now I am in the depths of tax season. Hopefully once April 15 rolls around and I get a few days to unwind and go fishing, I can get back to normal and not be such a ghost here and other card happenings.

  46. Catch22 says:

    Hey man just wondering if you could send your addy to my e-mail I cleared them all and dont have your address anymore so I can send that card your way later man.

  47. Catch22 says:

    Hey man I just sent that Emmitt your way it took a while
    but it will be there in the next few days.

  48. CPAdave says:

    That is awesome. You are the man. I am hoping to get your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG overdue box of cards packaged up and ready to go in the next day or two as it looks like I’ll finally have some down time. I can’t promise I will get it to the post office in that time frame, but that should hopefully be the easy part as my wife or someone else can run that errand if I don’t have time.

    Thanks again for your generousity and extreme patience in this trade.

  49. Catch22 says:

    Im glad to hear you got some time off to relax and clear the mind. Im gonna slow down buying myself I spent to much time on E-Bay. You been buying? or just taking it slow?

  50. CPAdave says:

    I bought a few singles right around the time you sent that large batch to me, but I haven’t done anything since then. Partially because I’m trying to organize my current collection (and complete a massive overhaul of my Emmitt Smith Collection website) as well as my obvious time restraints recently.

    I’m sure it won’t be very long before I get another itch to buy again.

  51. Catch22 says:

    I cant wait to see what you do with the overhaul of your
    site . Are you still going to scan your collection? You should go to barrysanderscards.com and checkout this guys site he has his whole collection scanned it’s freakin sweet I have found a bunch of my Emmitts using his site. I have hooked him up with a few Barry’s.

  52. CPAdave says:

    My new site may not look quite as clean as that one as I’m a dork and like raw html coding the site myself (no website software used), but that is the general concept I’m going with. I have a lot of the grunt work done and most of the card fronts scanned, I just need to tackle the card backs, which I expect will take quite a WHILE!

  53. Catch22 says:

    Ive been thinking of doing the back myself but I dont think I have the patience to do that, maybe one of these days Ill get to it. I have a question I bought an Emmitt Smith autograph it has a COA and he has 100% feedback I guess the question is do you trust those type of autos?

  54. CPAdave says:

    I’m not much of an autograph collector, partially because Emmitt’s pen usually costs too much. I did buy one Emmitt auto off eBay and feel confident with it. One key is to do some research. Make sure the card in question actually exists with any given serial numbering, etc. A lot of fakes don’t even make sense because the card they are trying to sell never actually existed. In the end, follow your gut. If it feels alright, go ahead and buy it. If you are feeling leary about the purchase, stay away.

  55. Catch22 says:

    I was reading you article and you said you would like to have the 1997 Skybox Autographics I think that card is so nice I really would love to get my hands it.
    I hope to have one by next month.

    Just wondering did you recieve you Emmitt card yet?

  56. CPAdave says:

    Did you read this article? I do own the card now and it is great. I looks every bit as good as all the scans I had seen of it. Plus, it’s my only Emmitt auto, so it is really a “centerpiece” of my collection right now.

    I didn’t get the card in the mail yet. It might be delivered today. I will let you know when I get a chance to ship your package.

  57. Catch22 says:

    Sweet article. I thought you where older you said the set came out when you where a kid Im 26 years old most Emmitt collectors Ive come across are usually alot older then me. I started watching the cowboys when I was in 3rd grade wich was Emmitts 3rd year I think.
    Im getting off the subject I was wondering how much did you pay for your auto? I saw one on E-Bay but they where asking $234.00 I wanna say its only $200.00 I really dont want to dish out the full amount if I can prevent it.

  58. CPAdave says:

    I think I paid about $130 for mine, and it came with 30 other inserts. If the one you’re looking at is $234, that sounds too high. And I usually don’t bad mouth anyone, but if you are looking at Burbank Sportscards, expect to pay much more than you would anywhere else. They are always way over priced. When I was looking to pick that card up, Burbank had it for $235, but there was no way I was paying that much.

  59. Catch22 says:

    That sounds like a great deal if it also came with 30 inserts. I was told that once you get in to the 1200’s in Emmitt smith cards it becomes more difficult to find
    different ones other than maybe relics and auto’s. I sware I see a different auto and relic every time I go to any site that sells cards I know for a fact I will never have them all but it sucks knowing that there are 1 of 1’s I can only dream of having and most guys that have those are big spenders. I bought a printing plate of a 1993 Pro Line it’s the one with him and his family behind him the guy said it was a 1 of 1 hopefully he wasn’t lying.I will keep looking for a great deal on that Emmitt auto I get very impatience when I cant find something and jump on the first I see, but this is a high dollar card so I cant get to crazy.

  60. CPAdave says:

    Yes, it is disappointing to know that there will always be cards out there you will never own. I just try to appreciate the ones I have and complete little minor goals like every Topps base card all of the various parallels for one particular set (if none of them are too scarce).

    BTW, I got your card in the mail. Hopefully your bundle will be going out shortly.

  61. Catch22 says:

    I actually love parallels I think they are cooler than some inserts. Some are pretty expensive though I finally got that 1999 Topps Gold Label Race to Payton (Black) I got a great deal on it so I couldnt resist.
    Feel free to let me know if youve got any new ones I like to haer about new finds. Later man

  62. Catch22 says:

    Ausome blog man!!! Thanks for the shot out!!!!

  63. CPAdave says:

    No problem. Thanks for all the cards!

  64. Catch22 says:

    I just added 70 new ones feel free to check them out.
    Later man.

  65. CPAdave says:

    Sweet new stash! I recognize a handfull of your new cards, but you definitely added a bunch I have not seen before. Look like a good selection of die-cut goodness!

  66. Catch22 says:

    I have a 2000 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Last Man Standing I looked and didnt see it in your list let me know if Im correct and I will send it your way. That was a funny blog about you bieng fired. Later man.

  67. CPAdave says:

    The list above probably is not quite up-to-date, but I have an Excel spreadsheet that is definitely updated. I do not see a 2000 Odyssey Last Man Standing on either list, so I do not have it.

    You are a good man, Charlie Brown. Your generousity astounds me. I am much obliged.

  68. Catch22 says:

    Im getting your card sent out tomorrow Ive been killing myself at work. Gotta love roughnecking.

  69. CPAdave says:

    Hey boss, absolutely no worries. Considering I STILL haven’t gotten your larger package in the mail yet, I have nothing to complain about…

  70. Catch22 says:

    Just wondering if you recieved your card yet?

  71. CPAdave says:

    Yes. It arrived while I was out of town over the weekend. Very sharp looking card. Thanks for sending it over!

  72. Catch22 says:

    Whats up man I got your package FREAKIN SWEET !!!! thanks for the cards. I was wondering how far along are you on your new site? I really havent messed with mine latley but I plan to get back to it pretty soon.

  73. CPAdave says:

    Great. I’m glad you enjoyed the cards.

    I have stalemated a little with my progress. I guess it is the nice weather and trying to get things done around the house. I’m sure once the hot and humid Northeastern summer arrives and I’m spending more time in the air conditioning my progress will pick up again. Scanning every card back is a daunting task at this point.

  74. Catch22 says:

    Hey David long time no talk, I was just on your site and was wondering if you had any Cris Carter cards for trade let me know if if your looking for something. let me know Thanks.

  75. CPAdave says:

    Hi Ulises. Sorry for the delay. Life has been pretty crazy recently.

    I definitely have Cris Carter cards. Is there anything you are specifically looking for, or do you just want to know what I might have available? At this point, I am still in the market for any Emmitts I don’t have, or any of the 2008 Masterpieces parallels I don’t have. I did just get a bunch more Emmitts at the National though, so I guess I should work on updating my list here.

  76. Catch22 says:

    Can you e-mail me a list of the Cris Carter and Randy Moss cards you have? If I dont have any thing you want would you be willing to sale some of them? I actually have a 1999 Skybox Dominion (Goal 2 Go) w/M.Faulk If you are interested let me know.

  77. Catch22 says:

    Whats up David just seeing what youve been up to just wondering if you have still been collecting the greatest running back of all time. How many new ones have you bought?

  78. CPAdave says:

    Things have been going fairly well. I am obviously still “collecting”, although things have taken a turn for the worse. I haven’t bought any new cards in a while due to some house projects that came up, and my quest to completely redesign my website was put on hold when my USB key (which I foolishly did not back up) stopped working.

    I just need a long string of rainy days though, and I suspect I can be back up and running. 🙂

  79. Catch22 says:

    I will have 3 new ones coming youre way in about 2 weeks I got some new lots and have 3 I dont think you have. 2000 Absolutes (Canton Absolutes) #CA2, 1997 Playoff Contenders Pennants (Red) #8 and 1999 Skybox Dominion (goal 2 Go) #6 w/M.Faulk. In case you do have one of these let me know. Later Man.

  80. CPAdave says:

    I do not think I have any of those in my collection (I bought some a few months ago and didn’t update this list – but these don’t sound familiar).

  81. cody96ss says:

    I have a few Emmitt cards I want to sell. If you aren’t interested, can you please just give me an estimation of their worth? I would appreciate it.

    1991 AAA Sports Wild Card #46
    1993 Upper Deck Season Leaders Touchdowns #425
    1994 Action Packed All-Madden Team #1
    1995 Topps Florida Hotbed #FH8
    1995 Upper Deck #200

    Again, any help is appreciated.

  82. Catch22 says:

    Hey David I was wondering if you had any Ladainian Tomlinsons you want to get rid of? Please let me know thanks man.

  83. CPAdave says:

    @cody96ss: I actually already have all of those Emmitt Smith cards, so I am not interested in purchasing them.

    Unfortunately, none of those cards are terribly special or rare, so you’re probably looking at $0.25 – $1.00 for each. I love cards from the 90s, but unfortunately, the early 90s were marked with excessive overprinting, making a lot of the cards practically worthless. Emmitt’s likeness is the only thing these cards have going for them.

  84. Catch22 says:

    I will send those Emmitts on Teusday so you should get them in about 3 days from that day.

  85. Thomas L Strayer says:

    Have hundreds of wild cards icluding 1992 1000 stripe
    Emmitt smith

  86. cowboys4ever says:

    My dad gave me his colelction of football/baseball cards, a little over 23,000 cards. He has sets and sets and sets and sets of cowboys cards, and in his collection one cought my eye it’s a STARTING LINEUP 1997 EMMIT SMITH NFL EDITION. I don’t know what it wold be worth or anything. would you know

  87. CPAdave says:

    Starting Lineups are actually small figurines of football players or other athletes. Many times (if not always), these figurines came with a card or two. If you had the original figurine in its original packaging, then you’d have something pretty nice in your collection. But just the card alone isn’t worth very much. You might find an Emmitt Smith or Cowboys collector who would be willing to pay a few dollars for it, but I’m afraid you’ll be hard up to get anything more than that.

    Granted, I could be wrong. Card prices on eBay occasionally shock me for being so high or so low, so you could get lucky.

  88. Richard Neilson says:

    I am looking for an Emmitt Smith Checklist for all cards from 1988-current. I have several thousand cards of his and would be interested in a list on CD such as the one above, Generally look on E-bay for new cards. Any help would be appreciated,


  89. CPAdave says:

    I have wanted to compile a complete Emmitt Smith checklist for quite some time and just haven’t had a chance to. One resource would be beckett.com. That should have just about every Emmitt Smith card produced, including every parallel and a lot of “off” brand sets. Granted, that won’t have every single card ever, especially any regionally produced or small print run advertising cards, but would be a great place to start. New releases are also added on a fairly consistent basis.

    Hope that helps. If I ever get around to compiling a list, I will keep you in mind.

  90. Robert says:

    Hi there, didn’t realized there were so many collectors out there. Trying to get in touch with all Emmitt collectors. It appears that most emmitt fans collects only his cards, especially the high end one. I’ve been collecting Emmitt’s stuffs over 20 years now. I’ve seen all the you tube videos. Those are great collections , but it’s all high end and I feel that these collectors are in it for investment. I feel that a real Emmitt fan should try to collect everything that has Emmitt’s name on it. I know it’s impossible , but when ever I see an oddball item on ebay , I will bid on it. I wish I had the time or knowledge to do a website like you , even a you tube video. I know there’s got a to be a collector out there that has some crazy Emmitt memorabilia , besides just collecting high end cards. Of course , some of us can’t compete with the wealthy collectors. That ” super collection ” on you tube is insane , I guess some of us collectors got a piece of it. Good luck on completing the list of all the Emmitt’s cards.

    Regards, Robert

  91. darrell says:

    A friend of mine just gave me a card he wants to sell for Christmas money, it’s a ‘pro-line live’ card, on the back it states: ‘Congratulations You have received a limited edition 1994 classic NFL pro line autographed card’ the front has Emmitt;s signature and is numbered 47/925, it appears to be in mint condition and is encapsulated. He is trying to get $300 for it.

  92. Gerardo Moreno says:

    I have a 21 year old collection of Emmitt Smith cards, 5 signatures. Email back if interested, but I only want sell the whole set.

  93. Jake Hughes says:

    In addition to the 2002 Gridiron Kings Chicago Collection 05/05 card I made a post about in your other article about Emmitt,I also have a 2000 Quantum Leaf “Shirt off my Back” promo card with a game used jersey swatch in it. Better yet, it is autographed and GAI certified in the case. The card is numbered SB15 with a gold ‘PROMO’ stamp on the back. The GAI number is 10472328. I would be more than happy to send you scans of both cards if you are interested.

  94. Thomas Strayer says:

    I BELIEVE IT IS A 1992

  95. Corey says:

    Wow. I am just a small time collector with about 50 Emmitt Smith cards. I am truly jealous of the collections you guys (and girls) have. I live in Massachusetts and just got in my first autographed memoribilia from Mr. Smith. I have been searching ebay and craigslist for years for an affordable and authentic piece. Anyone who has extra E.S. cards or memoribilia that are affordable, i would be thrilled with the chance to buy them from you. I have a Emmitt Smith wall in my Mantown that I am trying to fill up. That way when my son, named Emmitt (Aug 31,2010), grows up, he will become a fan as well. My email is redsoxfan5538@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from any of you.

  96. Craig bradley says:

    I have a1991 american sport monthly emmitt smith card that his name is spelled emmett what is this card worth any idea

  97. Thom Hussey says:

    Are you interested in a 1994 Stadium Sports #68 Emmitt MVP gold signnature card? Also will find my Mini football signed by Emmitt at Buffalo Biliards after a Radio Interview with him and Coach Phill Fulmer Signed by both. Thanks

  98. redsoxfan914 says:

    Thom-I would be interested. Could you send me a picture? emmittsmith22fan@yahoo.com. Thanks

  99. Josh says:

    I have 125 Emmitt Cards that I am trying to get rid of due to getting stationed over seas. I have tto get rid of ALLLLL of my cards, baseball, football, basketball, & hockey. I have 10,000+. If this interests ANYONE I would be more than happy to sell them one by one or as a whole package for $xxxx. Call 217-722-9399 Make me an offer Please.

  100. Leo Morrison says:

    I am interested in the 1993 Pro Set Power Emmitt Smith Super Day Holo Redemption card H1. I have some graded cards for trade or cash. Let me know. Leo

  101. A D Bartels says:

    do you know anything about a Topps Emmitt Smith card from 1991 (#360) that lists his college as Florida State? I have one and was wondering if it was worth anything. Thanks for any info –

  102. Sean says:

    I have an uncut printers sheet of 8 1994 Emmitt Smith Images Promo #IF1 cards – what would the value of something like this be or how could i get it appraised?

  103. CPAdave says:

    Hi Sean – that sounds like a great piece. It would be tough to gauge the value of it as I’m sure it’s pretty rare. I am certainly no expert in appraising items, so I don’t think I can be of much help. I would suggest locating a local auction house or perhaps contacting a company like PSA to see if you can have an actual appraisal.

  104. ekkie de jong says:

    Hey i can see you are a big emmitt fan , i am to .Have a lot of emmitt cards and doubles to .I like to trade or by,The cards i like to get is 1991 stadium club PROOF #2 and 1992 proline national convention #316

  105. Leo Morrison says:

    Hello- I am loking for 1993 Pro Set Power H2. Will pay whartever you ask. Thank you. Leo. l_morrison@hotmail.com

  106. matt says:

    I have 70 es1 prototype emmit smith cards I’m willing to listen to your offer money or barter of something worth while I am not a card collector

  107. matt says:

    They’re from 1993 action packed very good condition if you want pictures of the cards, also have aikman prototypes, favre prototypes, rice prototypes, young prototypes all 93 and 94 action packed the emmit es1 I have 70 of luckily it’s the most valued of prototypes in that small list of cards I have

  108. chip thurston says:

    looking to sell my emmitt smith collection

  109. Doug Haas says:

    I was a mail-order football card dealer from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s. Then for several reasons I stopped selling and put all the boxes and albums in storage.

    I have recently retired and decided to see what I can do with those old cards. They may not be as valuable, but still very collectable.

    I have put my inventory list on-line, http://www.TheCreatorsFingerprints.com/dhaascards.htm . Check it out.

    Doug Haas

  110. Nathan short says:

    Take a look & lmk what you think! I might be selling my collection

  111. Nathan short says:

    How much do you have to spend? I’m looking to sell cards from my collection & we could help each other out!
    Send me a email:
    Thanks, Nathan

  112. I have a Emit Smith 1995 TSC MVP7 CARD I NEED TO GET RID OF.

  113. Jamie Skidmore says:

    I have an autographed football from the 1993 Rose Bowl Game w/certificate of authenticity as well as an autographed card w/cert of auth. Jumpy Geathers card also autographed. I want to sell it all.

  114. Kim says:

    You don’t have Action Packed 1995 rookie #45

  115. Will Kennedy says:

    I have a 93 upper deck NFL scrapbook Emmit Smith card. Num. 516. Trying to find out the value of it in mint condition.

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