Who Does #2 Work For?


Pop Quiz: What is today?

If you answered “Friday,” “the day after yesterday,” or “a nice day for a white wedding,” you are technically correct. You also happen to be a bit of a smart ass.

If you answered “May 20,” you are also correct. Congratulations on having a calendar nearby. But do you know why May 20 is important (at least to me)?

For those of you following along at home, you may have answered “Ooo! Ooo! I know! 1st & Goal’s second anniversary!” And you, my friends, would be the most correct.

That’s right. Today marks two years since I started 1&G. And unfortunately, much like marriage, the second year is obviously a bigger accomplishment and more monumental, but for some reason the first anniversary just feels more special. That’s not to say I’m not stoked to be posting something for my third consecutive May 20th (think about what anniversary means and you’ll get the math), I just don’t feel like going bonkers by writing an absurdly long, comprehensively retrospective post like I did for Anniversary Numero Uno. I will point out that I did accomplish the one feat I missed in my first year: I successfully held two group box breaks in year #2, simultaneously at that. Woot.

Looking back over the past year, I wouldn’t say I necessarily accomplished everything I had hoped, but I’m still here, so that should say something. I also officially started my own business this year, taking First and Goal Sportscards to the masses in a whole new way. That was fun. I have no where near the time or money I’d love to dedicate to growing that business, but that’s okay. One day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day (unless you talk to Chuck Norris fans).

Looking forward, I’m not going to be terribly ambitious in year three. I’d just like to keep the gravy train rolling. Obviously I’m hoping to expand my business and find more interesting things about which I can blog, but I’m okay with the status quo at this point in 1&G’s life. I just hope I’m still going strong NEXT May 20.

But because I’m sucker for a good giveaway, let’s have another Birthday Bash Contest. What the hey? Again, I’m going to go with the “mystery prize” concept if only so I can tailor the prize to the winner’s collecting interests. Here’s how it will work:

Find a way to connect to 1&G other than through this blog, and then report back with a comment on this post telling me how you did so. Some examples could be:

   1. Find and “Like” us on Facebook. There is a convenient little Facebook logo near the top of the side-bar. Use it. Click the “Like” button on our Facebook page and then leave a comment here to let me know you did so. Already a fan? Just tell me in a comment here and that still counts. This method is worth 1 entry.

   2. Follow us on Twitter. There is also a convenient little Twitter logo to your right (you may have to scroll up by this point). Follow our Twitter feed and then leave a comment here telling me what your Twitter ID is. Again, if you’re already following along, just let me know and you’ll still be entered. This method is worth 1 entry.

   3. Buy something from our eBay Store. Yep, you got it: Another site, another logo. That will take you directly into our eBay Store where you’ll find a fairly good selection of collecting supplies and various football singles and packs. And you may want to bookmark this page as we’re looking to expand our product offerings in the near future. This method is worth 1 entry per order.

   4. Pre-Order some box(es) of upcoming football cards. What? I can’t pimp my own business? All of the upcoming football releases are available to pre-order in our Pre-Sales Store. Every box you pre-order is worth 10 entries.

   5. Pimp this contest on your own Blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Do so and then just leave a comment here with a link directly to said pimpin’. This entry is worth 1 entry.

Comments on this post for methods #1, 2, and 5 can be consolidated into one comment. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day). If calendars aren’t your thing, just look at the blog logos. If they are still birthday-themed, the contest is still open. If they aren’t, the contest is closed. How’s that for simplicity?

So there you have it. Technically your entry quota is limitless because you can use any or all of the entry methods above. It might seem a bit selfish, but I’m hoping to begin exclusive Facebook and Twitter content/contests and those will only be fun if people are actually paying attention.

And now, as is tradition around these parts, we we will have the ceremonial singing of “Happy Birthday” by Binky the Clown:

Wow. That was great. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

So until next year, may all of your packs be unsearched, your autos be on-card, and your relics game-used. As for me, I’m still waiting to see what else lies ahead on the Yellow Brick Road…