Open for Business

Wow. It looks like I’ve been out of commission around these parts for a while. I guess increased time committments at home (baby), with family (holiday season), and work (planning for year end) have really cut into my blogging time. So much for that 2011 New Year’s Resolution that said I would post more often and actually keep up with the HOF Spotlights and Heisman Highlights, let alone product reviews, group breaks, and random musings. Nothing has been terminated, I just need to find more time in the day, or better yet, learn to be far more efficient with my limited time.

There is another item that has been commanding my time. As many of you know, 1st & Goal Sportscards became an officially licensed business in Pennsylvania in January. Sales on eBay have been doing great and I’ve been able to partner with a few friends to offer even more stuff than I could have by myself. In an attempt to take things to the next level (and avoid all those damn eBay fees), I’ve been working on something more in-house.

And that something is now ready for the public to see.

The 1st & Goal Sportscards Online Store is officially open for business! I realize the online “shelves” are quite fully stocked like you’d expect from a local hobby shop or a giant online retailer, but we’re hoping to grow our offerings over the coming weeks/months. We also still have some imaging work to finish up to make everything look spot on. But the store is fully navigable and functioning. Be sure to check it out, especially the Supplies aisle where we have even more products in stock than we’ve previously carried in our eBay Store.

Thanks for the support from anyone and everyone who has ever purchased something from us. Hopefully many more of you will find something you like at reasonable prices in the new store. If you don’t see something you’re interested in, let us know. We’re always willing to consider stocking new items if we know there is a demand.


3 Responses to Open for Business

  1. Tim Hertzog says:

    Seriously I need to hop down that way for a visit! I have to go take my admittance tests for the PSP next month so maybe then if things are not to hectic we can do lunch! It’s nice to find people from around these parts with such a passion for this hobby!

  2. CPAdave says:

    Too bad I don’t have a retail store for you to visist and hang out in…

    Let me know. My schedule is about to be insane with my first tax season as a dad (Wife goes back to work next week), but we’ll try to set something up.

  3. congrats and good luck.

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