I Got Id

This one is more courtesy of a buddy of mine, but I can’t say I totally disagree.

As many of you will recall, this past summer was one of turmoil for the NFL. Certainly not as bad as that of the NBA, but tumultuous nonetheless. Once the lockout broke and pre-season activities ramped up, news of player trades and signings was constantly streaming. The Eagles particularly seemed interested in building a team in three weeks and assembled what many dubbed a Dream Team of free agents and high profile trades in very little time. It seemed a no brainer that they would dominate the NFC East and run straight to the Super Bowl.

But then they started playing actual games. And sucked. And gave rise to this Pearl Jam/card pairing:

Title: I Got Id
Album: Merkin Ball EP (A-Side)
Correlation: You might need to be a bit of a Pearl Jam aficionado to get this one. “I Got Id” is already a bit of an odd song in that it only appears on this single EP and only features two actual Pearl Jam members (Eddie Vedder on vocals and Jack Irons on drums) as it was recorded with Neil Young during his Mirror Ball sessions (on which all members of Pearl Jam were heavily involved). The other odd part is that this song usually goes by a different title amongst the band and fans: I Got Shit. And THAT is where the correlation lies. The Eagles thought the 2011 season would be wildly successful after assembling what they thought was an all-star squad. But once games actually started, it turns out they just had shit. I suppose you could also argue that the unrequited love theme of the lyrics relates to the fans in that they constantly support and root for a team that just never pulls it all together for a championship season.

As a side session single during the height of Pearl Jam’s attempt to shy from the spotlight, there is no official music video for “I Got Id”. But here is a fan-shot live video from a Philadelphia show. This was actually filmed during the very last event in the famed Philadelphia Spectrum, so maybe a 76ers or Flyers card would have been more appropriate, but work with me here.

Oh, and if you’re an Eagles fan and this post angers you: feel free to submit an official complaint when you’re celebrating your first Super Bowl victory. Whenever that may be…


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