Another Hurricane Related Post

Irene came. Irene saw. Irene conquered.

Well, maybe the ol’ hurricane didn’t conquer as much as some folks thought she would, but she did manage to conquer a lot of trees in my area. And my electric supply. Awesome. My electric utility company expects power to be restored around 4:30am…on 9/1. Even better.

So as any self-respecting hobby enthusiast would do, I turn to pieces of cardboard for solace. I don’t really have enough light to sort through some by hand and while I’m at home I really should be doing stuff like cutting up branches and clearing the property of debris. But while I’m at work, I can at least look through my scanned Emmitt Smith cards to find some comfort. This one strikes a chord:

I could really use a Power Surge at home right now. Well, maybe not a “surge” per se, but you get the idea.

But have no fear, Blog-o-land. The 2011 Topps Finest group case break is still on.

Even if I have to bust and sort the case by candle light…


One Response to Another Hurricane Related Post

  1. Hey I purchased the Rams and Panthers under my paypal linked email but forgot to add which teams I wanted. I sent an additional email from my paypal linked email explaining that I wanted the Rams and Panthers.


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