Fuel to the Fire

My buddy recently bought a jumbo case of 2011 Topps and recruited me to help sort and sell off all of his unwanted cards (which turned out to be most of the case since he is a team collector and didn’t get terribly lucky with the inserts). I got to keep two of the cards outright. It may not sound like much, but check out these beauties:

Okay, so it still doesn’t sound like much. A base insert and an online giveaway code card really aren’t all that special (especially since my buddy is planning to use all of the codes himself). But what they do represent is the first 2011 additions to my Emmitt Smith collection. That is something for which I can be excited.

I haven’t really added any new Emmitts since my small binge at the NSCC last year and subsequent buying spree on eBay in the week or two afterwards picking up cards I thought I’d find at the National (and note, despite words like “binge” and “spree,” I added a total of about $150 worth of cards to the Emmitt box). Well, I did pull an Emmitt from 2010 Topps Magic and then bought another two on eBay, but who’s counting?

And this brings me to my main point: I just do not have the time to dedicate to my Emmitt collection that it deserves. There is still a huge stack of cards that have yet to be scanned and after spilling my box once or twice (thankfully nothing was damaged as it just tipped over on the floor), the entire collection is in dire need of reorganizing. I also need to update my Excel spreadsheet and my collection list posted here. And let’s not get into the plan to completely overhaul the Collection website (all of which was about finished before my USB key crashed last autumn). But what with a job, house, baby on the way, and trying to run a side business, my poor Emmitts get neglected day after day, week after week, month after month…

How much longer until retirement?


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