In this edition of Pearl Jam meets Sports Cards, we take a look at a song off PJ’s newest studio album, Backspacer. The original song doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with basketball, but for at least one night, Eddie Vedder changed all of the lyrics to reference Seattle’s lost NBA franchise, the Supersonics.

This song could really be paired with any card of a Seattle basketball player, but I opted for this Kevin Durant rookie auto for two reasons. 1) Durant’s arrival and almost instant departure from Seattle and subsequent success in Oklahoma City are a big reason Supersonic fans lamented the loss of their team. 2) I just sold this card on eBay today.

Title: Supersonic
Album: Backspacer
Correlation: I guess I just explained this above. Eddie is a big basketball fan and although he is loyal to his original hometown Bulls, he also shows fair support for his second hometown’s now lost team.

There is once again no official music video, but I did find a pretty decent live video from the night in Seattle when Eddie changed all of the lyrics to reference the Supersonics. Enjoy.

The band might be getting older, but they still pack a lot of energy into their live shows.

Just like Kevin Durant…


2 Responses to Supersonic[s]

  1. Larry says:

    I was there the night they did the OTOTO(one time one time only) version of that song. I even bought the CD from the performance. It is an awesome remake of the song.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Oh man. That. Is. Awesome.

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