Ginter Question

I have a question for all of you Allen and Ginter nuts out there. I realize this might seem a bit elementary, but I’m new to the game, so please forgive me.

When I opened my box, I pulled an N43 Box Loader of David Price. As a Buccos fan and Emmitt Smith collector, this card has absolutely no importance to me or my card collection. So naturally I’d like to send it to someone who will appreciate it. I will probably go the eBay route because it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a business to buy things and then turn around and give it all away for free (well, at least not for a company the size of mine).

So that brings us to our question: Just how do you ship one of these things?!?

I mean, really. It’s too large for a standard penny sleeve and toploader. And thicker toploaders don’t help because thickness is the only dimension that’s NOT bigger than normal. But it’s too small for a picture frame or something like that. Do I just stick it between two pieces of cardboard and hope my “DO NOT BEND” stamp is noticed? Do I try to tape multiple toploaders together? Do I just throw the card away in digust because I can’t ship it like a normal card (keep in mind I am a severe creation of habit).

Please advise.



6 Responses to Ginter Question

  1. night owl says:

    I mailed one of these out a couple of weeks ago. I just used one of the larger sized bubble envelopes and wrapped it in some printer paper, IIRC. Probably not the most ideal tactic, but it got there safely.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Okay, so maybe my idea of some cardboard isn’t too off base. I’m sure there would be toploaders out there that would work, but I don’t feel like investing in even one pack because how many of these am I honestly going to try to ship? One.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Ok my friend, this is how you do it. First, if u still have the original wrapper, use it. Put the card back in the wrapper.(If no wrapper, use large zip-lock bag & tape tight together). Next, use 1/4 inch thick cardboard on both sides and tape tight together. Lastly, apply a layer of bubble wrap to the card. Now just place in a 8×6 bubble wrap envelope & your good to go! Hope that helps.

  4. CPAdave says:

    Crap. I usually keep wrappers for a little while, but I think I just emptied my man cave trash over the weekend.

    Thanks for the tips. That should definitely get the job done!

  5. my LCS sells top loaders for all sizes of cards… would just using one that fits that size not work? or are we trying to come up with a MaGyver way?

  6. CPAdave says:

    Dude. We got to stick it to the man. I’m all for MacGyvering this shiz…

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