Here’s another pretty easy one for a Pearl Jam/sports card combination. Granted, it would be a bit more convincing if Emmitt was actually inside a classroom, but I still think it works. I know somewhere I have an old baseball or football card with the athlete in a classroom. One of those “Staying in School is Cool” propaganda cards. But I don’t particularly feel like rummaging through boxes and boxes of old cards when I have a suitable replacement at hand. So Emmitt posing outside of his alma mater (Escambia High in Pensacola, FL) will have to do.

Title: Jeremy
Album: Ten
Correlation: “[Emmitt] spoke in class today…” I also don’t doubt that Emmitt would clock someone in the jaw with a surprise left if he found out that person had called him a harmless little ————.

Although he is pretty short.

There aren’t many Pearl Jam songs that have official music videos, but here is another one. Enjoy.

And just for the record, this song and video have nothing to do with a school shooting or public violence. A key shot was taken out of the video for censorship. If you’re confused, watch what motions Eddie makes just before the 4:00 mark. Then you’ll get it.


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