Group Break Ideas

Yes, I realize there’s been a general lack of activity on the blog. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about cards or working to better organize the card closet. What it does mean is that I’ve been super busy at work and home, particularly with recently completing the requirements to become a CPA and readying the house for a baby in about 6 more weeks.

One of the things in the back of my mind has been wanting to do another group break. I’m thinking this time I’d like to try a case break as I’ve never had the opportunity to buy and bust an entire case before, and my current resources mean it will be a while off yet if I try to go it alone. So the question for y’all is what interests you? With the NFL lockout officially over, it’s time to get the football card machine in full operation. Here are some options:

1) Go with something high end that neither you nor I would typically buy into. It took take the form of something like Topps Inception. Each person would get relatively few cards, but each card, even the base cards, should be pretty sweet. Price per team would probably be around $35.

2) Go with something mid-level like Topps Chrome or Finest. The quantity per person will certainly increase over a high-end product, but there also wouldn’t be a huge drop off in quality of the hits. These products generally seem to be a pretty good bet for group break success. Price per team would probably be right around $30 (the price most likely won’t change much between the options as the quality/quantity of cards is the main difference).

3) Go with something lower-end like Topps’ flagship product. Each person gets a load of cards from their team(s) and there is still a chance for some great hits. I’d probably work a concept where you get every card from your team that is pulled, but then duplicates are pooled and evenly distributed (but all hits, regardless of duplication, go to the assigned team/person). Price per team again would probably be around $30 but might be able to drop closer to $25.

4) Go super low-end with something like Score. This might be an option specifically geared towards set collectors. I would do the duplicate pooling with this option, and with so few hits, each person could probably walk away with a nearly, if not 100%, completed base set (and hopefully a lot of inserts as well). Price per team would likely be $25 or less.

Each option would be blind submission-based. Buy-in period would run for about 1-2 weeks with each person simply signing up for one or more slots, up to 32. About a week before the group break results are disclosed, teams will be randomly assigned to paid slots, allowing a week for people to trade for favorite teams. Once the results are posted, all team assignments will be locked and cards will shoot to be mailed within a few days.

So what do you guys think? Anyone interested? If possible, I’d love to get a few group breaks going, maybe a product from each category. Also, we can spread this out over time as some products (Topps Chrome) aren’t set to release until late October anyway while others are already out (Score) or will soon release (Topps flagship). I am open to any and all suggestions for how to tweak the policies stated above and certainly for the product suggestions.

Vote in the poll and use the comments section liberally…


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