HOF Spotlight: Ernie Stautner

Ernie Stautner
Name: Ernie Stautner
Position: Defensive Tackle
Pro Career: 1950 – 1963
Team Affiliation(s): Pittsburgh Steelers
College: Boston College
Induction Class: 1969
HOF Profile: Click Here

Brief Bio: Mildly undersized for an NFL lineman, Ernie Stautner had the will and determination of a giant and went down in history as one of the finest, toughest, and fiercest competitors in league history. Despite a plethora of bodily injuries, Stautner missed just six games in his entire professional career and was named to nine first- or second-team All-NFL squads and played in nine Pro Bowls. An anchor of the greatly feared Pittsburgh D, Stautner found his way into the NFL record books, a rare feat for a defensive lineman. His three career safeties were a then-best and his 23 recovered fumbles was third best at the time. After his retirement, the Steelers officially retired Stautner’s #70 jersey, an honor given to a very select view.

Career Stats: 173 games played; 23 fumble recoveries; 3 safeties; 2 INTs

1950 Topps Felt Backs #79

Featured Card: 1950 Topps Felt Backs #79. Ernie Stautner may have been a small and unproven player in 1950, but in hindsight, Topps (and the Steelers) can be proud of picking him up right out of college. The Topps Felt Backs are an interesting and fairly rare set to find. There are currently no copies of this card available on eBay. Stautner does, however, have several other vintage football cards as well as junk wax era HOF cards and more recent cut autographs – something for every collection style.


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3 Responses to HOF Spotlight: Ernie Stautner

  1. My favorite story about Ernie happened in a game against Cleveland. He had practically seperated his shoulder in a crushing hit the week before and it was still pretty painful. The doctors gave him a shot of novocaine to numb the pain. After that didn’t work, they gave him another. After a few more, he came to the sidelines due to some pretty heavy dizziness. Turns out, they were shooting him up with Demorol by mistake. He was taken to the hospital and was in such bad shape, the priest was called in to administer his last rites. He told the priest something like, there is too much to confess and we don’t have the time. I’ll just hit the highlights. He fully recovered and then went on to play four more years.

    He is also the one that helped mold Ed “Too Tall” Jones into the player that he became.

  2. that’s an awesome picture of Stautner with the helmet. Too bad he wasn’t missing a tooth or two.

  3. CPAdave says:

    @dfg, Ha! I never heard that one. That is classic. Just more proof guys of yesterday were much tougher mofos than today’s brand.

    @Cap’n, very true. It’s tough to make it out, but I can almost guarantee he’s got that crazed, manic look gleaming in his eye…

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