Worst. Contest. Ever.

So in case you missed it, and it looks like odds are mighty good that you did, I held a free card contest on the blog for over a week. All you had to do to enter was follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or pimp the contest on your own blog/social media page, and leave a comment telling me you did so. There were also bonus entries for anyone who purchased stuff from our eBay or Pre-Sales stores.

Not only did no one follow what I thought were pretty straight-forward instructions, only one person left a comment at all. So Brian, you are the default winner. Facebook and Twitter may not be your bag, but you just won a free grab bag of goodies anyway. Fortunately, I already know your collecting interests and address. I’ll shoot to get some stuff mailed out to you sometime in the next week.

And for everyone else, pay closer attention next time…


One Response to Worst. Contest. Ever.

  1. I knew avoiding that whole ‘social media’ thing would pay off!!!

    Sorry bud…

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