HOF Spotlight: Turk Edwards

Turk Edwards
Name: Albert Glen “Turk” Edwards
Position: Tackle
Pro Career: 1932 – 1940
Team Affiliation(s): Boston/Washington Braves/Redskins
College: Washington State
Induction Class: 1969
HOF Profile: Click Here

Brief Bio: A giant of his era, Albert Glen “Turk” Edwards was a feared presence on both sides of the gridiron line during the 1930s. An original ironman in the truest meaning of the term, Edwards was a “steamrolling blocker, smothering tackler” and played every minute of the game with his unique mix of size, strength, and agility. Signed by the brand new Boston Braves franchise, Edwards was a constant stalwart for the team as it changed its name to the Boston Redskins in 1933 and then moved to Washington in 1937. Strangely enough, for as much of a workhorse as he was, it was a pre-game coin toss that ended his career. When turning to leave the field, Edwards’ cleat caught in the grass and his troublesome knee gave way. Edwards remained with the team as an assistant and eventually head coach, but finally retired for good in 1946, after spending 17 years with his first and only team.

Career Stats: 86 games played; 2 TDs

1935 National Chicle #11

Featured Card: 1935 National Chicle #11. An original ironman on the roster of the inaugural Boston Braves season, it just makes sense that Turk Edwards was included in the first nationally distributed football card set. There are not many current eBay listings, but it’s clear that the HOF rookie card is prized with listings ranging from $130 to $399.99. And that $130 copy? A PSA 1. Edwards’ only other vintage card is from the 1955 Topps All-American set.

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One Response to HOF Spotlight: Turk Edwards

  1. Debra Lynn Bunney Hughes says:

    This ironman is my great uncle, my grandmother’s little brother. I am so proud and amazed that he played defensive and offensive tackle for the Redskins. He was a great man, I remember going to his home with my grandparents and what a big guy he was especially his heart….proud to have football in my.blood!

    Debra Lynn Bunney Hughes

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