HOF Spotlight: Alex Wojciechowicz

Name: Alex Wojciechowicz
Position: Center, Linebacker
Pro Career: 1938 – 1950
Team Affiliation(s): Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles
College: Fordham
Induction Class: 1968

Brief Bio: One of the game’s last true ironmen, Alex Wojciechowicz was a dominant presence on offense and defense for much of his 13-year career. Wojciechowicz was a two-time All-American at Fordham and played alongside future HOF coach Vince Lombardi before becoming the Detroit Lions’ first draft pick in 1938. During his career, the Lions slipped from being a perennial power to a bottom dweller in the NFL, but Wojciechowicz played with the heart of a champion every game. He was one of the game’s greatest centers of all time with his singularly wide stance and was a defensive wizard with exceptional range for a linebacker. During the 1946 season, Wojiechowicz was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and was a major defensive contributor to their championship runs in 1948 and 1949. Wojciechowicz may have been a gridiron terror on the field, but he was a fun-loving comic in the locker room and was a teammate favorite for many over his illustrious career.

Career Stats: 134 games played; 19 INTs; 1 INT TD

1948 Bowman #61

Featured Card: 1948 Bowman #61. Alex Wojciechowicz may have been in the winter of his playing career by the time his rookie card was released, but he was still playing championship caliber defense for a championship contender team in the Philadelphia Eagles. His 1948 Bowman rookie card carries a trivial Beckett value of $150 while current eBay listings range from $36.15 to $225. Oddly enough, there is no readily apparent grading premium as the only PSA graded card (a 6.5) is listed for $155 although the two more expensive listings appear to be raw. Wojciechowicz was not featured in the more colorful 1948 Leaf set but does have another vintage card with his 1955 Topps All-American. He has also been included in several junk wax HOF-focused sets and modern legends sets, including cut signatures, if those are more your style.

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