Cam Newton Variation Explained

Last week when I was reviewing 2011 SAGE Hit High Series, I noticed what appeared to be a Cam Newton short print variation of the #100 base card. I speculated it was added to provide another chase element to the product, although nothing had been reported.

Cam Newton Base Variations

Tom Geideman, president of SAGE Collectibles, read that review and had this to say:

So that you’re aware this is what happened with the Cam Newton dual base card situation:

We were missing a photo of one of the Pre-Rookie cards (Ryan Mallett PR6) so we either had to delay the sheets being turned over to the printer or risk missing our date. We opted to fill that missing spot with a ‘new’ card to add value to the product without having to spend a lot of time getting a new design, etc. The solution we came up with was inserting a second version of the Cam Newton base card to replace the Mallett Pre-Rookie, and then print the Mallett PR6 card on a digital sheet (much quicker to do than the conventional printing). To make sure collectors were able to determine what we had done, we made the photo of one on the left and the photo of the other Newton base card on the right. The Newton base card variation is done at the same printing quantity as the other 4 Pre-Rookie cards in High Series. The Mallett Pre-Rookie card – because it was digitally printed – is much more short-printed.

We weren’t trying to pull a fast one at all, just trying to hit our packaging dates while still trying to add some value to the product.

So there you have it. Not truly a short printed variation per se, but definitely a distinct card in and of itself. And as it turns out, there is a short print card, but it is actually the Ryan Mallet Pre-Rookie insert.

Thanks, Tom, for the clarification and the collector information!


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