I’m Free!

I’M FREE-I’m free,
And freedom tastes of reality,
I’m free-I’m free,
And I’m waiting for you to follow me.

Pop Quiz: What is today?


Time’s up.

A: It’s April 15th

Annddd…what does that mean? TAX SEASON IS OVER!!! WHOOPEE!!!

Oh wait…no, no it isn’t. You see, Washingto D.C. is the only place in America that celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16. It just so happens that our lovely Federal Government (and I use the terms “our,” “lovely,” and “government” rather loosely) is located in Washington D.C. It also just so happens that April 16 falls on a Saturday this year, so the government will be celebrating with yet another state holiday on Friday…April 15th…tax day…which means the IRS has postponed the tax return deadline until Monday, April 18th.


But you know what? All of my work is done, and by the time you read this, I will be on my way to nothern PA for the opening day of trout season. Take *that*, IRS!

So while my body may be completely drained and exhausted after 3.5 months of seemingly endless hours and piles of work, my inner child will be dancing like Thom Yorke:

[I tried to embed the video for Radiohead’s most recent singel “Lotus Flower” in this space, but apparently embedding has been deactivated by the request of Radiohead. So go here to view the video. You won’t be disappointed]

The only question is whether the dancing will commence BEFORE or AFTER a few beers…

Oh, and what does this post have to do with football cards?


Get over it.


One Response to I’m Free!

  1. AdamE says:

    Good luck fishing. I had my best day ever trout fishing 3 weeks ago. Hopefully yours will be the.

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