Flip the Calendar

Well, it’s finally that time. “What time is that?” you may ask? Time to roll the release calendar forward. With SAGE’s 2011 HIT Low Series hitting hobby shelves last week, the 2011 release calendar has officially begun. You’ll notice the change on the right-side panel.

We still have a few 2010 products to review (apparently the longer you’ve been an accountant, the busier you get during tax season), but don’t worry, we’ll get to those. Just not quite as fast as we had hoped, but we’ll get there. In the meantime, be sure to keep tabs on your favorite upcoming products. If you’d like to see any of these become available in the 1&G Presale Store, let us know. We’re willing to carry anything in stock that interests you, our faithful readers.

Also stay tuned for the first box break/product review of 2011 in the very near future. We had a blast busting a box of 2011 SAGE HIT Low Series, just need to get the scans uploaded and commentary written. Look for that in the next week at the latest.

And yes, I just (nearly) wrote an entire blog post while referring to myself in the plural first person. Go us.


One Response to Flip the Calendar

  1. Tim H says:

    After what SAGE has pre-released some of those scary insert childishcartoonishwithlametitlesincluded set it appears I will not even be looking at the product. Some of those card designers need to be punched…..in the nuts….so something that awful never happens again nor see’s the light of day.

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