HOF Spotlight: Wayne Millner

Name: Wayne Millner
Position: End
Pro Career: 1936 – 1941, 1945
Team Affiliation(s): Boston/Washington Redskins
College: Notre Dame
Induction Class: 1968

Brief Bio: The epitome of 1930s primetime players, Wayne Millner always showed up for the biggest games of the year. Millner was the favorite deep threat for fellow HOF member Sammy Baugh. The apex of this tandem may have come during the 1937 championship game against the intimidating Chicago Bears. Millner and Baugh connected for touchdown tosses of 55 and 78 yards and Millner was used as a decoy for the game winning touchdown pass to Ed Justice. Millner’s illustrious career was cut short when he enlisted with the US Navy after the 1941 season. Millner did return for the 1945 season as a player/coach and ended his career as the greatest receiver in Redskins history at that time.

Career Stats: 76 games played; 124 receptions, 1,578 receiving yards; 12 receiving TDs

1952 Bowman #57

Featured Card: 1952 Bowman #57. Playing his entire career between nationally distributed football releases, Wayne Millner’s rookie card was actually released 7 years after his playing days (while a coach for the Eagles). Current eBay prices are roughly in the $50 ballpark while that token much-higher-than-anything-else-because-it’s-graded listing comes in at $1,200 – a long shot from the trivial $90 Beckett value.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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