Heisman Highlight: Steve Spurrier

Heisman Highlight

Name: Steve Spurrier
Position: Quarterback
College: Florida Gators
Class: Senior
Winning Year: 1966 – 32nd Award
Official Heisman Profile: Click Here

Interesting Notes: Spurrier was one of the most successful career college quarterbacks of all time…broke many Florida and SEC records at the time…amassed 4,848 and 37 TDs over 31 collegiate games…beat another future Hall of Fame quarterback for the 1966 Heisman (runner-up Bob Griese of Purdue)…was very successful quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers…was very successful as head coach of Duke and alma mater Florida and is currently head coach of South Carolina…was elected into the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1986.

1972 Topps #291

Featured Card: 1972 Topps #291. “Super Steve’s” success on the collegiate, professional, and especially collegiate coaching levels have obviously kept his name in the forefront of collectors minds. 1972 Topps isn’t a hugely collectable set a la 1935 National Chicle or 1952 Bowman, but Spurrier’s rookie still commands a $75 – 100 price tag. There is also Pro Action subset card from the same set that seems to be popular amongst eBay sellers, but this is not considered to be a pure rookie card.

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