HOF Spotlight: Crazylegs Hirsch

Name: Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch
Position: Halfback/End
Pro Career: 1946 – 1957
Team Affiliation(s): Chicago Rockets (AAFC), Los Angeles Rams
College: Wisconsin, Michigan
Induction Class: 1968

Brief Bio: A shifty All-American halfback who led the college All Stars in an improbable victory over the professional L.A. Rams, Elroy Hirsch would eventually be become the greatest long threat end of his generation for that same Rams franchise. After spending three years in the upstart AAFC and a year on the bench with the Rams, “Crazylegs” was moved to end and never looked back. Hirsch received his nickname for his absurd leg motions when running full speed downfield and he did it so well. Of his 60 career reception TDs, a majority were long-bombs and he ended his career as the career leader in receiving yards. Hirsch led the NFL in receiving and scoring in 1951 and was named the all-time NFL flanker in 1969.

Career Stats (AAFC & NFL): 127 games played; 387 receptions; 7,029 receiving yards, 60 receiving TDs; 3 rushing TDs; 1 passing TD; 1 kick off TD; 1 punt return TD; 15 INTs

1950 Bowman #52

Featured Card: 1950 Bowman #52. His rookie card may have been released in his fifth professional season, but interestingly enough, Elroy Hirsch’s rookie card was released in his first breakout season. The colorful albeit airbrushed 1950 Bowman set is attractive and this HOF RC is no exception, particularly with the “Crazylegs” nickname allusion. Current prices on eBay are all over the place with the highest coming in at $4,299.99. It seems you always find that one ridiculously priced vintage graded card. Is anyone actually buying those? One side note I noticed while researching, this card does have a few reprints, so watch yourself and make sure you get all the facts if you’re looking to add this card to your collection.

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  1. cool. awesome looking card…

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