Pre-Sale Feedback Request

At the beginning of the year, I noted the current state of First and Goal and some goals for 2011 that I had in mind. One of the items was that I’d like to branch into stocking and selling sealed product through my newly formed business. I’d also like to branch into other sports, but to start buying and selling sealed baseball products seemed like a very large jump for me.

Fortunately, the first 2011 football product has been announced, 2011 Upper Deck. This got me to thinking that perhaps making the jump to sealed product would be easier in the sport I already know the most about. Also, this early release means I can focus on football and not have to wait until July. So here are some facts and then I’ll ask some questions.

20 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Base Set:
o Regular Cards – 50 cards
o Star Rookies – 200 cards

Insert Cards:
o 1991 UD 20th Anniversary – 200 Cards
o Conference Clashes
o Class Of
o Saturday in Action
o Historical Programs
o Dream Tandems
o Star Rookies Stripe Redemptions

Autographed Cards (3 per box!):
o Rookie Lettermen Signatures (Varied #)
o Star Rookies Autographs (1:10)
o Ultimate Collection Rookie Signatures (1:480)

Price per Box: ~ $85 (subject to change until presale begins)
Price per Pack: ~ $4.50 (ditto)


Any and all feedback to these polls above and your comments below are greatly appreciated!


2 Responses to Pre-Sale Feedback Request

  1. jeremy says:

    You had me at the Adrian Peterson card. From the specs it looks like a nice product. I’m not wild about the design of the cards, but I like the photography in UD’s products.

  2. the obvious keys to this are a competitive price, and a low shipping charge.
    Speaking as someone living in Canada, the U.S. retailers who charge me $5 to ship a box here get my business. Those that want to charge $15-$20 per box do not….

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