Heisman Highlight: Roger Staubach

Heisman Highlight

Name: Roger Staubach
Position: Quarterback
College: Navy Midshipmen
Class: Junior
Winning Year: 1963 – 29th Award
Official Heisman Profile: Click Here

Interesting Notes: Staubach was labeled as “the greatest quarterback Navy ever had”…was just the fourth Junior to win the coveted award…ran away from the competition with the seventh largest voting margin the history of the Heisman…served four years active duty in the Navy, including one year in Vietnam…played Hall of Fame career with Dallas Cowboys becoming one of the most prolific quarterbacks and team leaders in history…elected to National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1981 and Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

1972 Topps #200

Featured Card: 1972 Topps #200. Due to military service, Staubach waited nearly a decade between winning the Heisman and having his own rookie card, but it has become one of the most recognized football cards in history and is certainly the centerpiece of many collections. Most raw copies of the card come in just under $100 while highly graded copies often carry a price tag of $400 or more. While doing my research, I found one PSA 8.5 listed for $1,300 and an SCG 92 for $975, but those were the only two that were nearly that high.

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2 Responses to Heisman Highlight: Roger Staubach

  1. one helluva QB… took over after Don Meredith retired.
    I bet teams nowadays wish for a transition like that.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Even while writing this one out, I had a feeling you’d appreciate it…

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