Calling all Set Collectors

With the first two First and Goal Group Breaks getting ready to ship in a few days, I was looking for an idea for the next break. I like the idea of not having to charge a lot but still getting to send out a lot of cards while helping collectors with their personal player, team or set collections to boot. So here is what I’m thinking, and you can tell me if you are at all interested.

I am thinking about doing a case break of 2010 Topps flagship. There are cases of hobby boxes and jumbo boxes that I am considering buying. The hobby boxes will get a lot more base cards while the jumbo boxes have a far greater chance of pulling a nice hit (including the Red Hot on-card rookie autos that are jumbo only). I would charge about $20-25 depending on which format I go with and what the current price of the case is. We would do 32 slots, one per NFL team, and all teams will be randomized after all submissions have been received, with the opportunity for entrants to trade teams if they wish. The set collectors portion will come into play because I would do my best to ensure that while you get at least one copy of every single card we pull from your team, you also wouldn’t receive any duplicates. Entrants can let me know if there are any special needs for their set completion, otherwise, I will try my best to evenly distribute all of the duplicate base cards.

What are your thoughts? Like it? Like the concept but think the details need to be tweaked? Or should I just let this idea drop and move onto something different? Please be honest as I can only get better at this group break thing with your feedback.


3 Responses to Calling all Set Collectors

  1. I’d be in, but only for $20 and under…

    be a tough break tho, not many of us set collectors out there….

  2. larry douglas says:

    don’t really care about my favorite team need some good quality names players would pay for that trying to figure out a way to get some good cards

  3. Tim says:

    It’s topps…….could be kind of a let down with all the damaged stuff that has been showing up lately. I’d chip in for a box break of something else.

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