Possible Group Breaks

Alright, you guys asked for it (well, technically you just replied to my poll), so here it is, the next step in the 1&G Group Break selection process. I had 9 people respond that they were interested, so hopefully we can get all 9 of them included and add some new faces.

This is how the next step will work. Below I have a multiple choice poll. If you are interested in buying into a share of a group break for any of the boxes listed, please indicate as such. NOTE: this is not a commitment and no money will be due yet, but please respond honestly. The prices per team listed are a rough estimate at this point. Once I select a product, I’ll be able to better estimate the box and shipping costs and properly divy them up into 32 teams. As a special note, since UD Sweet Spot is an NCAA product this year, if that box is selected, and to avoid having people pick between 120+ college teams, we’ll go with NFL rosters as of the day I break the box. So if you pick the Vikings, you could get Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma) and Brett Favre (So. Miss). If there are retired players, we’ll go with the team they are most known for (i.e. Emmitt Smith would go to the Cowboys and Jerry Rice to the 49ers, even though both players are not on a current roster and both played for multiple teams).

At this point, there is no deadline for closing the polls, but I would like to determine which (if any) boxes we’re going to do in a week or so. Any boxes getting at least 10 votes will automatically be selected. Any boxes that get less than 5 votes will most likely be turned down.

Any other questions, please let me know. I also have an option in the poll to tell me if you are interested in a football group break through this site, but none of the three boxes listed really grab your interest. Lastly, any and all comments are welcome as I am new to this group break hosting world.


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