Moss a Viking Once More

In what seemed like a very unlikely turn of events, Randy Moss is reportedly heading back to the Minnesota Vikings, the team that originally drafted him in 1998. The story has been in the process of breaking all morning and has nearly been made official.

To check out a full story from ESPN about the trade, you can go here.

Three thoughts instantly come to mind upon hearing this news:

1) Randy Moss was traded for a third-round draft pick? Really?

2) Maybe now Brett Favre can get back to “just having fun out there” with a now drastically improved receiving corps.

3) What does this do to Randy’s card values, especially his early cards from his first stint in Minnesota and whichever is the first set to feature him in his new (er…old?) uni?

Randy Moss RC
Wonder what jersey number Randy will don?

It just goes to show: in the age of free agency, nothing is predictable. Remember when Hall of Fame athletes spent an entire career in one jersey? Me neither.


One Response to Moss a Viking Once More

  1. I like this move despite not being a Vikings fan. I’m a Patriots hater instead and I hope they end up regretting this (although I doubt they will).

    As for Brett living it up once more…I got news for you. There is no cure for old. You may think you are young, and may feel young, and have mentally prepared yourself to act young, but mechanically, he’s breaking down.

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