Group Breaks? Anyone?

While I sit around and wait to see if my entire image bank is gone or not, and while I attend to real life issues, I will admit that my mind has not allowed me to just put First and Goal on the back burner. I have been thinking about the future of the blog, new ways to keep things fresh, and what I’m going to do if it turns out that I need to completely start over with my Emmitt Smith Collection website.

One of the ideas I’ve tossed around before and have really started to entertain again is the Group Break concept. It would help me to have the resources to buy and review more products without draining my football card account and would add an interactive element to the site. Obviously this only works if you have enough dedicated readers who are loyal and crazy enough to chip in a few bucks to help cover the cost of the box and shipping supplies/postage. I’m not sure if I have that close of a following (or anything that resembles a following for that matter). So before I go forth and create snappy banners and policies and such, I figured I should ask you, the readers, if it would even be worth my while.

So here it is, in poll form, a very simple question. Would you be interested in 1st and Goal Group Breaks? If I get enough “Yes!” responses, perhaps there will be future polls to help determine the logistics and specifics, but for now, I’m just looking for people that may have an interest in the concept.

Oh, and a side note for Joe: See? I told you I wasn’t going away for good. Try taking off the beer goggles before doing your morning reading next time.


2 Responses to Group Breaks? Anyone?

  1. jswaykos says:

    Not drinking beer at 6am with my eggs is completely unreasonable, so I’ll just start reading your site in the afternoon.

  2. Tim H says:

    You can count me in! I’ve been away for a little while but I’m back now and I’m going to be changing things around a little on my site as well. Thanks again Dave for the cards and the ELI who will have his head lowered again at the family thanksgiving table again this year after his brother whipped his butt again. He no longer has the honor of “mashed potatos server boy” at the table and has been sent down to “water fetcher boy” status.

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