I’m not sure how to approach this post. There are a lot of things I’d like to say and a lot of things I probably should say.

First, let’s start off with the main point of this post. I am not quitting. First and Goal Sportscards is not being shut down, nor is it going anywhere. Just wanted to make that point clear.

What it is doing is possibly taking a little breather. There are several reasons for this, the last one being the most damaging.

   1) You may have noticed recently that I haven’t been posting as much. A big part of that is my time budget. I am currently studying for a very difficult 4-part exam for a certification for my day job. As much as I would like to blow this off and continue to focus on blogging about pieces of cardboard, only one of these is paying the bills. And it ain’t blogging.

   2) October is going to be a ridiculous month for me. I am taking one of those 4-part sections (and studying contstantly before and sadly after as this is not the final part). I am attended two weddings, one of which I will be the best man. The first one involves traveling 7+ hours each way and I am working on a project gift for the other that will also take considerable time. My responsibilities as a church board member and PowerPoint guy are also ramping up again now that our short summer break is over. Add to that a week-long vacation and the desire to watch any college football and you quickly realize how short my time is right now. I literally won’t be around.

   3) Funds are running a little low. Let me be honest, I absolutely love breaking boxes and reviewing them on this site. I knew my quest to review one box of every 2010 football product would be tiring, but it has been a blast. Unfortunately, I haven’t found someone who is willing to bankroll this operation, so I need to wait for a little while before making more purchases. I have separate savings and PayPal accounts set aside exclusively for cards. They are not empty, but I’d rather not run them dry just yet. If you’d like to help the cause, you are more than welcome to donate funds to First and Goal via PayPal (sent to firstandgoal[at]dejazzd[dot]com). If sending cash to a complete stranger isn’t your cup o’ tea, you can also help me out by perusing the First and Goal Store. I try to be competitive in my prices, so hopefully you don’t see anything there as a rip off. If you ask nicely, I’d also be willing to give a fellow blogger discount. I’m that nice.

   4) This is the worst one. I have all of my card stuff stored on a USB key. Every image I’ve ever used on this blog, every card I’ve ever listed on eBay, (almost) every Emmitt Smith card I own, my entire Emmitt Smith website project (which was nearing completion). Not to mention a LOT of other non-card stuff. Like an idiot, I have never backed it up on my computer. It was working fine over the weekend. Monday morning, I wanted to post the next HOF Spotlight. I went to upload the card image…and couldn’t find the USB drive. To make a long story short, I have tried many many things, and I just cannot get any of the computers I use to recognize my key. I am very close to officially SOL. My computer whiz friend said he’ll take a look but he is not promising he’ll be able to recover my files. And this is the guy that every time I go to him with something I just can’t figure out on the computer says, “Oh yeah, I can do that.” So for him to be unable to make a guarantee scares me. Fortunately all of the images I’ve shown on First and Goal are saved on my Flickr site, but everything else is gone, including the raw PhotoShop files I used to create all of my custom banners and such. This discovery really took the wind out of my sails…


So because I was already feeling a time pinch and I simply cannot devote the time it would take to recreate all of that stuff right now, it is easier to step back for a little. I don’t plan to disappear. I will still be running the First and Goal Store. I will still be reading your blogs. I will still be checking my hits and comments here. Just don’t expect a lot of new material in the near future.

BTW, I have a review of 2010 Topps to write and post. I just have to rescan the cards and get over the fact that I won’t be able to have a scan of the sealed box or pack.


3 Responses to *SIGH*

  1. jswaykos says:

    I can honestly say I’ll miss this blog! A lot of times a blogger quits and the general feeling is “meh”, and I move along. There isn’t a whole lot of info for football out there! And you’re quitting RIGHT BEFORE YOU REVIEW THE BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!!!!


    How dare you put life first. Come back soon.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Joseph, Joseph, Joseph. Obviously you didn’t read that carefully enough. I am NOT quitting. I’m just not going to be posting as much in the next month or so as I would like to. And who knows, if my buddy is able to recover my files, I could be back in no time, other than all of the other time committment crap I have.

    BTW, if you check the online power dealers, NCAA Sweet Spot is LIVE! BOOYAH!

  3. jswaykos says:

    Too much Rolling Rock in my cereal this morning…

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