HOF Spotlight: Bobby Layne

Name: Bobby Layne
Position: Quarterback
Pro Career: 1948 – 1962
Team Affiliation(s): Chicago Bears, New York Bulldogs, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers
College: Texas
Induction Class: 1967

Brief Bio: A dynamic individual both on and off the playing field, Bobby Layne has gone down as one of the greatest players in Detroit Lion history. Layne was an All-NFL player twice in his illustrious 15-year professional career and won 4 divisional and 3 NFL titles in the 1950s. Beyond his statistical accomplishments, of which there are many, Layne is also remembered for his intangibles: leadership, determination, competitiveness, and guts. He may have liked to party hard, but come game time, no one competed more fiercely than Layne and that determination allowed him to become one of the most prolific pigskin tossers of his era.

Career Stats: 175 games played; 1,814 completions; 26,768 passing yards; 196 passing TDs; 2,451 rushing yards; 25 rushing TDs; 34/50 FGs; 120/124 PATs

1948 Leaf #6

Featured Card: 1948 Leaf #6. As a high profile quarterback for one of the most successful teams in his era, there is little doubt the rookie card of Bobby Layne is highly prized. Trivia Beckett value of this gem is $400. Current eBay prices for this card range from $75 to $349, although there is an obvious premium for highly graded copies. Most listings fell between $125 and $250. One note that this card brings to my attention is that it may be worth your while to search with alternate spellings. I accidentally typed “Bobby Lane” for my first search and only caught it because I thought it odd that no 1948 Leafs showed up, although a lot of others did pop up with that incorrect spelling. Also, although Layne’s first name often appears as “Bobby”, you may want to check “Bob” or “Bobbie” (as it is spelled on this card). Often times sellers may not understand why their card is not selling and will lower the price without realizing they are using an incorrect name. On the flip side, uninformed sellers or potential fraudsters may be more likely to make these mistakes, so as always, shop with caution.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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