Blogosphere Kindness, Pt. 6

Just as a warning, this post is EXCESSIVELY late.

A little (ok, ok, a LONG) while ago, I got an email from a collector I had never “met” before. He said his name was Bo and he had a whole box of base Topps Pirates for me if I wanted them. This was right after I began my quest to collect every base Topps Pirates card, and this Bo guy must have found my blog and either read that post or took a look at my Buccos page above. I informed him I didn’t have a lot of trade bait as most of my baseball cards are from the height of the junk wax era. He said that was perfect as he loves those sets and he expressed interest in my early Upper Deck cards. Sweet. He sent along his box and it did not disappoint one bit. In fact, it exceeded my expectations more than any other package I’ve received so far.

Bo sent so many Pirates that I couldn’t scan all of them. Instead, I scanned just a one-card example from each set that was represented in Bo’s box, and it still took two scans to get them all. Below are those one-card examples…coming from a staggering 17 different sets.

Click images for full sized scans

In total, Bo sent an absurd 201 different base Topps Pirates. He was able to completely knock out my 1988 wantlist and nearly completed several other years. I was blown away by the sheer kindness and generousity of Bo. I did a little digging (actually, he may have sent me a link to make my “research” much easier) and found that Bo is a fellow card blogger and is the proud owner and author of the aptly named Baseball Cards Come to Life! If you enjoy old school ‘ball cards and some clever writing, you should definitely check out his site.

So, what did I send in response to Bo’s generous offerings? Absolutely nothing. Why? Because I’m a jerk. Actually, the truth of the matter is (and yes, I realize this sounds like a cliché and awful excuse), I just haven’t had the time to go through my old Upper Deck cards and compare them against his wantlists. I also have a bad feeling that one of my early collection boxes is missing because I know that I have more UD cards around somewhere than I am finding. But Bo, if you are reading this, please know that I am a man of my word and I promise to get a box to you someday. It may not be this week or even next month, and I may not be able to get together 201 different cards you need for your collection, but I will make good on my end of the trade and the excessive time that has lapsed since you fulfilled your side.



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