One of My Favorite Seasons

Today marks the start of what has recently become one of my favorite seasons of the calendar. It’s not March Madness, Bowl Season, or even Gint-a-Cuffs (although I am wildly amused by the shenanigans that surface throughout Blogland for that particular event). What I am referring to is le Tour de France. I’m not particularly into soccer or tennis or even the Olympics (does that make me unpatriotic AND a terrible sports fan?), but I do love cycling for some reason. My interest was sparked when I first started dating my wife as my now father-in-law watches all of the stages of le Tour each year. My interest blossomed into full out enthusiasm when Floyd Landis, a hometown boy from just down the road, won in dramatic fashion.

Sadly, we all know how that turned out in the end.

Fortunately for me, that year was enough to get me hooked and I have not looked back since. I’ll be a tad irritated by all of the hoolabaloo surrounding Lance Armstrong yet again this year as he has once again announced this will be his final Tour. Somebody should give him Brett Favre’s and Michael Jordan’s cell phone numbers. I think they would have a lot to talk about.

But all of the steroid drama and Lance-slurping aside, I am pretty stoked for this year’s Tour. The first day is never terribly exciting as we start off with a prologue around Rotterdam, but the boys will be riding through the Alps and Pyrenees soon enough on their way to a July 25 end on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Good stuff.

As I posted a little while back, I have thought about creating a custom card set for le Tour. I have not addressed the flaws pointed out by my faithful readers, but I am hoping to make the ambition come to fruitation. I still haven’t found an official roster of riders for each team, but hopefully once we get a full day’s stage out of the way, those will be posted somewhere easy to find.

Is anyone else excited about le Tour, or am I just a dork?


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