HOF Spotlight: Chuck Bednarik

Name: Chuck Bednarik
Position: Center, Linebacker
Pro Career: 1949 – 1962
Team Affiliation(s): Philadelphia Eagles
College: Pennsylvania
Induction Class: 1967

Brief Bio: As one of the NFL’s last iron men, Chuck Bednarik was a star on both sides of the field, years after the two-way player had faded from the game. He was a standout center, being named to the All-NFL team in 1950 and heralded as the NFL’s all-time center in 1969. But even more than his bulldozer-esque blocking, Bednarik was a feared linebacker known for his bone-jarring hits. He was named to eight All-NFL teams as a defender and played in 8 Pro Bowls, being named the game’s MVP in 1954. In his entire 14-year career, Bednarik missed just 3 games.

Career Stats: 169 games played; 20 interceptions; 1 interception TD; 21 fumble recoveries; 40.25 yard punting average

1948 Leaf #54

Featured Card: 1948 Leaf #54. Chuck Bednarik’s two-time All-American college campaign may have played a factor in Leaf including him in their inaugural set before his professional career ever took off. Some confusion surrounds this card as it appears the 1948 Leaf #54 and the 1949 Leaf #134 both have the same card front. I am not a vintage card expert, but I believe only the 1948 Leaf is considered to be Bednarik’s true rookie card. Trivial Beckett value of this card is $500. There is just one copy of the 1948 card currently listed on eBay, a PSA 5 with a $849 price tag. If you are looking to purchase Bednarik’s RC, be sure to get all of the facts about the 1948/1949 differences so that you do not wind up paying a hefty premium for a sophomore year card.

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