I’m sure this kid is already getting enough grief for this, but I have to post it anyway.

Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate was recently caught trying to sneak into a gourmet doughnut shop at 3:00am. Don’t believe me? You can read a more official article here.

I just have a few thoughts on this:

1) In an era of a seemingly endless list of NFL stars being arrested on murder, sexual assault, or drug charges, it is actually refreshing to see there are still guys who only ramp up to minor mischievous acts. Granted, it was still stupid and wrong, but let’s not forget we’ve all thought about breaking into a doughnut shop early in the morning. Mr. Tate just needs to remember he is not in college anymore.

2) What exactly is a “gourmet” doughnut shop?

3) Why do I not have one of these gourmet doughnut shops in the bottom floor of my residence?

I doubt this little incident will cause any major riffs for his cards or autographs in the secondary market, but perhaps it’s good I sold this card already. Now the only question is how many Maple Bars can I get with that $10?


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