Blogosphere Kindness, Pt. 4

Time for another trade post. I am terrible with these things…trades and trade posts. I picked this one for today because it’s already been several weeks since it occurred and because I’ve actually completed my end of the deal for this one (I have a few outstanding trades I just can’t seem to find the time to fulfill).

A while back when I decided I would be foolish and embark on a quest to collect base Topps cards of Buccos, I sent out a few emails to prominent baseball focused blogs to see if I could kick start my collection. One guy that replied rather quickly was sir Night Owl of Night Owl Cards fame. He said he could probably scare up a few Pirates for me and although he’s already got most of the Dodgers from the junk wax era, there were probably a few I had that he didn’t.

Not long afterwards, I got a nice package in the mail from Mr. Owl. In it were two stacks of Buccos, including 34 individual cards off my base Topps wantlist, as well as a bunch of other goodies, including some nice Allen & Ginter cards (I had not seen any in person up to this point). I didn’t take time to scan and crop each of the 34 cards I needed, but I did scan all of them en masse:

I was quite happy with the older cards as I figure those will be the hardest to track down. Mr. Owl didn’t send any priceless 1952 Topps or a mint condition of Roberto Clemente, but these are 34 great looking cards I did not previously have, so I am very appreciative.


I will admit, I feel like a bit of a terd for not sending an equally great stack of Dodgers back to New York, but at least he did enjoy a few of my offerings. Who knew perforated cards could be appreciated?


2 Responses to Blogosphere Kindness, Pt. 4

  1. night owl says:

    You’re very welcome. Don’t worry about equal number of cards. Don’t you know 7 Pirates cards equals 1 Dodger card?

  2. CPAdave says:

    How could I forget. ¡Qué lastima!

    Thanks though. Hopefully I find a few more Dodger goodies whenever I get around to organizing my baseball junk cards

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