Heisman Highlight: Howard Cassady

Heisman Highlight

Name: Howard Cassady
Position: Back
College: Ohio State Buckeyes
Class: Senior
Winning Year: 1955 – 21st Award
Official Heisman Profile: Click Here

Interesting Notes: Cassady, better known as “Hopalong”, was the first Heisman winner to exceed 2,000 voting points…was one of the greatest players in Ohio State’s storied history…was a rushing and scoring machine but perhaps an even greater defender…never had a pass completed over him in four years of college ball…was an All-American in 1954 and 1955…played professional football for 10 years…is currently a scout and coach in the New York Yankees organization…was elected to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1979.

1957 Topps #80

Featured Card: 1957 Topps #80. Howard Cassady was in his second year with the Detroit Lions when his first rookie card was produced. Current eBay prices for this vintage gem are in the $10 – $25 range while one copy graded a PSA 7 is listed for $49.95. This is another example of a great college star (even if he did play for the Buckeyes) that can be added to your collection for a relatively low price. It may not be the centerpiece of your collection, but it would be a nice addition regardless.

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