HOF Spotlight: Bulldog Turner

Name: Clyde “Bulldog” Turner
Position: Center, Linebacker
Pro Career: 1940 – 1952
Team Affiliation(s): Chicago Bears
College: Hardin-Simmons
Induction Class: 1966

Brief Bio: A real-life “Little Engine That Could” story, Bulldog Turner went from tiny college football player to NFL star and hall of famer almost overnight. The Chicago Bears drafted Turner from small Hardin-Simmons University and immediately reaped the benefits of what some may have considered a substantial gamble. Turner quickly became the league’s premiere center with his perfect snaps, superb blocking, and versatility (he was once called to carry the ball in an emergency situation – and burned off 48 yards for a touchdown). On defense, Turner used his halfback speed to become a feared linebacker who had a knack for interceptions. In 1942, Turner led all defensive players with 8 interceptions and in 1947, he recorded a 96-yard interception return touchdown. By the end of his brilliant career, Turner had been named to seven All-NFL teams and helped the Bears to four championships.

Career Stats: 138 games played; 17 interceptions; 2 interception TDs; 1 rushing TD; 1 fumble recovery TD

Featured Card: 1948 Leaf #3. As a dominant defensive presence at the height of his career, it is no wonder Leaf chose to include Bulldog Turner in their inaugural release. Trivial Beckett value of this fine vintage rookie card is $135. A quick search of eBay listings show this card fetches in a range from $25 to $200, with most falling in the $50-$75 ballpark. As always, be sure to watch for reprints and fakes, and decide ahead of time if grading is important to you and how much you might be willing to pay for a premium grade if that is the route you choose to take.

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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