Custom Card Feedback Request

For a while now, I have seen other bloggers bust out their creative genius and create great looking custom cards. I have often found myself envious of their skills and raw talent and wonder why these people are not employed by the companies who constantly release crap-tastic sets (it’s sad if the professionals are often being bested by the amatuers). Two sites I particularly like perusing are Big D’s Custom Cards and The Custom Card Blog.

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I am a cycling fan, particularly during le Tour de France. Last year during le Tour, I had an itch to create a custom card set for the grand event, but never scratched it (something about buying a house getting in the way). This year, that itch has returned in a big way. I have a pretty solid concept for the 250-card checklist, although I have a feeling I will need to wait at least until le Tour stars on July 3 to really get rolling with creating the actual cards. But I figured I could at least come up with some protypes until then, and hopefully make this set a reality this time around.

What you see below is my first base card sample. I’m not 100% sold on every aspect of it, but it is pretty much what I had imagined, which is a rare feat for me (I often have grandiose visions that quite simply exceed my desktop publishing skills). What are your thoughts? I am almost at a loss for what to do with the card back at this point, but I have a few vague concepts with which I can mess around. One note before the criticism starts, this is a rough photo I grabbed for the sample card. I realize it is a little grainy and shows Lance in the wrong jersey (he last rode with Discovery in 2005). That’s why this is a sample and not the final product.

So, what do you think? Any and all comments are welcome. Feel free to be as encouraging or critical as you deem appropriate.

4 Responses to Custom Card Feedback Request

  1. Not bad. If I were you, and I am not so feel free to ignore me, I would use a different, better quality picture or either change or dump the “glowing aura” surrounding Lance. You don’t notice it as much on his back or on the bike but it makes his right arm look fake. I like the design though. Nice job.

  2. Alex says:

    I like it. A nice clean, simple design. Maybe the back could have how rider has done in the Tour de France over the years?

  3. One thing, i would like to see the border. I’m assuming there is one…
    two, your logo in the top left corner… either colour code it to the picture OR make it a generic colour that would go with anything.
    three, I actually like the halo around Lance, but you can’t see it very well on his back and legs…

    good job!

  4. BigD says:

    Nice work. I like it. Like the Captain, I assume it’s got a border otherwise your logos would be floating in mid air. I sometimes forget that the white borders blend into the background of the blog. You might try enlarging your canvas a little and adding a drop shadow to the whole card, so you don’t lose the border. I’ve done that a few times when I can remember to do so. Watch out though, you’ll get hooked!

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