Shameless Plug

This is completely un-card-related, but is something I wanted to share with you:

My sister-in-law’s boyfriend is currently in a contest to win an Olympus PEN camera and $5,000. All you need to do to help him win is view his YouTube video entry and click the “Like” button. Please note, you will need to be signed into YouTube for the vote to register. I know a lot of you already have YouTube accounts to watch box breaks, but even if you don’t, it only takes about 2.7 minutes to create an account (even my wife did it).

Here is the link (I’m not embedding it because I want you to go there and click “Like”):


Yes, that is my sister-in-law in the video (the first still photograph and several others).

Also, if you enjoy sarcastic humor, here is another video Taylor did a little while back about the new iPad.

And if you’re really interested in this fella, here is his official design website. He is a freelance graphic designer and artist, so if you have a need for that type of services, you should check him out. Also, as a freelancer, he could really use that camera and $5,000. Just sayin’.


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