Football HOF Autograph Session

Here is a little press release for all of you autograph hounds and baseball fans. As always, I could add some extra sugar and spice, but I will be lazy and just post a carbon copy of the release. Enjoy.

Hall of Fame & Cleveland Indians celebrate Showdown of Ohio

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians are teaming up for a great day of fun to celebrate the Showdown of Ohio on Sunday, May 23.

The Hall of Fame will be on hand as the Cleveland Indians host the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Among the day’s activities is a free pre-game autograph session featuring two members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Leroy Kelly and Anthony Muñoz.

Muñoz played 13 seasons in Cincinnati with the Bengals, while Kelly starred at running back for 10 seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

Find out more information about the celebration. Showdown of Ohio>>>

Should be a good event if you will be in the Cleveland area on Sunday and you don’t mind mixing your sports.


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