It is that time once again. The time when I leave work at lunch time, drive to my high school buddy’s house, and then head off for a Pearl Jam concert. The last time I saw these guys was October 30, 2009 at the Spectrum in Philly. It was supposed to be the final event ever in the historic Spectrum, but then PJ added a fourth concert the following night. My buddy went to all four shows, but I have a budget and a wife, so I was limited in my availability.

I am not feeling particularly creative today, so the post title is simply the title of their most recent album (and my CD of the Day) and the card below was used on an old post when I was going to see Eddie Vedder solo. BTW, the seats for that show wound up being fifth row. Not bad. I have no clue where we’re sitting tonight as Ten Club members can reserve two tickets but only find out their random seat placement when they approach the “Will Call” booth. I wouldn’t complain if we were fifth row again, but I am guessing 105th is more likely.

Mookie Blaylock RC
Pearl Jam’s Mookie Blaylock’s RC

If Pearl Jam changed their name from Mookie Blaylock (but still went with the 10 theme), how badass would it be if Mookie Blaylock pulled an Ochocinco manuever and legally changed his name to Pearl Jam? There’s some food for thought…

BTW, this is the same buddy who was working on my computer, so hopefully I can pick it up tonight when we get back and will be able to get back to scanning and can FINALLY post my box breaks of 2010 SAGE Autographed and 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition. Hopefully.


5 Responses to Backspacer

  1. jswaykos says:

    Any MOJO in your Sage boxes?! Also, I’ve finally put together a little stack o’ Pirates for you, I’ll get it out… sometime.

  2. CPAdave says:

    Due to an undisclosed packaging error (I’m probably not supposed to go into details), I wound up getting three cases of SAGE Autographed (I was supposed to get 1 box). I was able to keep four boxes (and had to send the others to the intended recipient). I will only be showing the box break from the first box, but I did also pull a Colt McCoy auto #/200 and a Jermaine Gresham #1/1. MOJO!

    RE: the Bucs. Do you have my new address? If not, I’ll email it to you.

  3. jswaykos says:

    So are you sponsored by them, or just a shipping error from a warehouse? You must’ve been surprised when three CASES showed up!

    Not sure if I have your new address or not… without telling the world, it’s the house on “G.S.R.” in “S.P.A.” (Feel free to delete that part before allowing the comment – just reply with whether that’s the correct address or not.

  4. CPAdave says:

    Yessir, my new address is Gun Shot Residue in a SPA (sorry, I used to watch CSI all the time).

    I’m not really “sponsored” by SAGE. Tom Geideman wanted to send a thank you for doing that interview a little while ago and sent that box. As far as I know, it was definitely a one time deal, and I’m sure the wrong labels getting on wrong boxes incident will ensure it was a one time deal. I just felt really bad for feeling like a giddy school boy and ripping through four boxes before I sent him an email. He was very understanding and awesome through the whole ordeal. Definitely a good guy.

  5. jswaykos says:

    So… Tom…. remember when I… uhhh… interviewed you, too?

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