Get Off My [Card]

In my continuing dry season of being sans-scanner, here is another dose of old images that I was going through and found amusing:

From 1990 through 2000, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith were part of one of the best offenses in NFL history, or at least in the 1990s. Both were important factors in three Super Bowl victories and in a few months, both will be Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees. As football players (a true team sport), they needed one another to reach the heights of gridiron success they obtained.

However, the world of cardboard is a quintessential one-man sport. A vast majority of cards feature one player and one player only. Yet, as luck would have it, even in this realm Troy and Emmitt will forever be linked. For team or set collectors, this may not be a big deal. However, as a player collector, I can’t help but notice that Troy seems to be lurking in quite a few corners of my Emmitt collection.

Sometimes, Troy just didn’t have enough time to get out of the way. In order for the action shot to feel right, he had to be included:

1997 Stadium Club1998 Ultra Top 30
Click images for full-sized scans

Other times, it appears he tried to run off the card, but just couldn’t resist turning around and looking for the photog that was about to snap Emmitt’s picture:

1992 Pacific1993 Fleer
1996 Score CL2001 Pacific
Click images for full-sized scans

He occassionally snuck onto cards with other culprits:

1996 Zenith Triple Trouble
2008 Donruss Classics Classic Quads Gold
Click images for full-sized scans

And other times he worked alone to steal the spotlight:

1999 Score Great Combos
2000 Topps Combos
Click images for full-sized scans

He was often just standing around, waiting to be captured in the moment:

1996 Pro Line1996 Ultra
1997 Topps Gallery2001 Upper Deck
Click images for full-sized scans

Although he occassionally had to run into the frame to be included:

1996 Select2000 Bowman's Best
Click images for full-sized scans

Lastly, he even went so far as to take a ghostly and rather creepy approach to get onto a few more of Emmitt’s cards:

1997 Action Packed2000 Collector's Edge EG
Do I really need to explain this anymore?

In total, Aikman appears on a measley 2.75% of my Emmitt Smith cards. However, when you consider that a lot of sets in the 90s and early 2000s featured cut out player shots with no backgrounds, that is a fair number of accidental inclusions. Perhaps there was some sort of conspiracy between Aikman and the photogs hired out by card companies. Maybe Emmitt is included on just as many Aikman cards as set producers simply liked the idea of showing great teammate cominations. Or better yet, it’s entirely possible that I have read WAY too into these cards and really just need to get my computer back so I can start scanning new cards to write about.

It does make me wonder, though, if Emmitt was ever caught singing, “Hey! You! Get off of my card. Hey! You! Get off of my card. Hey! You! Get off of my card. Don’t hang around, ’cause two’s a crowd on my card, baby!”


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