Giving Credit…

…Where credit is due (what else would I have meant?).

Every so often, there comes a photo, an article, a person who makes me stop and think. Thinking isn’t…how shall we say this…my forté, so those instances are usually rather painful. This morning, while perusing some of my favorite blogs, I experienced one of those brain attacks.

Night Owl of Night Owl Cards has recently posted a fantastic article about the seemingly downward spiral of the hobby. And let me clarify that. The Wise One isn’t pissing and moaning over how terrible new cards are and how everything would be better if we could go back to 1976. He isn’t wallowing in despair over unfulfilled redemptions. He isn’t even chastising the companies for their apparent lack of effort recently. What he is doing on the other hand is pointing out some serious flaws in the hobby. YOUR flaws (and mine too).

Night Owl, with his expert command of the English language (it’s like he works for a newspaper or something), has brought to light some troubling trends amongst collectors and bloggers alike. However, rather than present a doom-and-gloom outlook on things, he also presents a formula for kicking yourself in the ass and finding ways to enjoy the hobby again (that is if you’ve ever felt like you don’t enjoy it anymore). There are certainly some points that I need to try to remember, particularly commenting on the blogs I read. Everyone likes feedback, positive or critical, so who am I to wonder why no one comments on my posts when I’m doing the same thing? Also, be sure to check out the comments people are leaving on the post as there are other great ideas to knock a little life back into your collection.

So. Go read Night Owl’s post. Do it. Do it now. Then feel better about the Hobby. And while you’re at it, take a moment to quit your bitchin’.

Cards are a pastime, not an obligation.


5 Responses to Giving Credit…

  1. night owl says:

    Hope I didn’t make it TOO painful for you. 🙂

    But that’s what I was going for: a kick in the ass.

  2. CPAdave says:

    And a kick in the ass you delivered.


  3. BigD says:

    I have the same problem of reading a lot, but posting a little. I’ll try to get better too! By the way, I sent out a package for you the other day. Hopefully, you’ll get it soon.

  4. jswaykos says:

    I’m bring junk wax back! When nothing new grabs my attention (and wallet), I simply turn to the junk wax section at my shop. I still love busting boxes of 1992 Upper Deck!

  5. zebbers says:

    I like to buy cases of the cards I collected when I was starting out ( late 80’s) off of the bay instead of a $150 crap shoot now. Plus it is 10X more fun!

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