Stupid Technology

I’m sure you’ve all had experiences like this in the past, so I will try not to complain too much. I just need to take a moment to piss and moan a bit.

Many of you probably noticed that I was fairly absent from blogging for a good chunk of the beginning of this calendar year. As I recently noted, that was largely due to my day job and the hours I have to put in during tax season. Since then, I have been trying to ramp up my efforts and return to form by posting regularly and hopefully providing relevant material. And then what happens on April 16th? My computer contracts an STD and refuses to launch any applications, including my antivirus software. Sweet.

What makes this situation all the more sweet is that I really don’t have much of a stash of images I can use on a rainy day and my scanner was only set up to run on that computer. This also happened right around the time I want to review 2010 SAGE Autographed (and get the fresh cards on eBay to recoupe some of the price of the box) and 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition (just ordered today).

*SIGH* ¡Está es la vida!

So while my computer is being wiped and repopulated with all of my files and software (thank God for computer-whiz friends!) and I try to figure out what to do about scanning new cards, you are stuck with my reoccuring HOF Spotlight and Heisman Highlight features and my stockpile of Emmitt Smith scans like the one below.

Hey, at least it’s shiny…

1995 Skybox Premium Paydirt Gold
Mid-90s shiny insert goodness


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