Putting Out an APB

All units please respond…

While looking over my Emmitt Smith collection recently, I was reminded of my mini Topps Collection, which consists of the Topps base card from each of the 15 years of Emmitt’s Hall of Fame career. I previously posted an article about that mini collection here. As I was writing that post, I realized I could also obtain a similar “Score Collection”, though for one reason or another I never set it as a goal.

After several large acquisitions from Catch22, I wondered if I had obtained the complete Score Collection without realizing it. I searched through the records and found that I am still missing two years, 1997 and 2004. I was just about to find these online and buy them when I thought better of it. I never like spending money on shipping, ESPECIALLY if the shipping charges exceed the cardboard purchased and ESPECIALLY if that cardboard is two base cards from a low-end company. I thought to myself, “You know Self, I bet there is a blogger or two that has those cards just sitting around and would be willing to trade for them. You should issue an All-Points Bulletin to see if you can track them down!” So now here I am, pleading with you, the great and wonderful blogosphere, to check your stacks and boxes and binders of unwanted football cards. If you see either of these two “gems”:

1997 Score2004 Score
1997 Score #4 and 2004 Score #1

I would be happy to take them off your hands. Just let me know what you collect and I will do my best to ensure you will be handsomly compensated for your efforts.

And also, let me know if you have any unwanted base Topps cards of Pittsburgh Pirates players laying around. The Buccos page above has been updated after a nice package from Night Owl (future official thank you post coming soon). I would be happy to take anything not marked “OWN” on that list as well.

…Over and out. 🙂


3 Responses to Putting Out an APB

  1. Catch22 says:

    I havent sent you your card yet I was called out and have been very busy but that could be a good thing Im going to check my doubles to see if I have those I think I do I will let you know.

  2. Catch22 says:

    Sorry man I dont have a double of either I dont have the 2004 score in my collection. I will ship your card today for sure. I will see if my freind has them he dosent like Emmitt so if he does Ill send them your way later man.

  3. CPAdave says:

    Thanks, bud. I still have your stack of cards waiting to be packaged, too. I don’t know what my deal is recently. I really need to force myself to just sit down and do it already!

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