HOF Spotlight: George McAfee

Name: George McAfee
Position: Halfback
Pro Career: 1940-41, 45-50
Team Affiliation(s): Chicago Bears
College: Duke
Induction Class: 1966

Brief Bio: With an undersized figure, George McAfee was not supposed to be great. Even after being draft No. 2 overall in 1940, no one had high expectations for him. McAfee proved them all wrong. With explosive speed and incredible elusiveness, which McAfee attributed to his uncanny use of low-cut shoes, he instantly became a feared threat to do damage every time he touched the ball. His career statistics will not overpower anyone, but they do show that he was able to do anything with the pigskin. McAfee was a dangerous runner, pass receiver, defensive back, and kick return specialist. His career 12.78 punt return average was an NFL record at the time of his retirement in 1950. Unfortunately, McAfee was called to served in the Navy during WWII, at the height of his football career. McAfee just recently passed away on March 4, 2009. He was 90 years old.

Career Stats: 75 games played; 1,685 rushing yards; 22 rushing TDs; 1,359 receiving yards; 11 receiving TDs; 1,431 return yards; 2 punt return TDs; 12.78-yard punt return average; 25 interceptions; 1 interception return TD

Featured Card: 1948 Leaf #19. As a dominant playmaker in the 1940s, McAfee was an obvious addition to the 1948 Leaf set. Trivial Beckett value for this card is $150 while eBay listings range from $10 to a staggering $449. Granted, the lower priced cards are raw (and the image shows why they are raw) while that $449 card is for a PSA 7+. As always, make sure you know what you want before you buy. If you would just be happy to say you own a copy, don’t be ashamed to pull the trigger for a cheaper but less pristine copy. However, if you are going for a top-notch collection or want a centerpiece for a McAfee collection, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those higher PSA grades.

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