Broader Horizons

Being a player collector can sometimes be a sticky situation. In today’s excessively commercial society, it is no wonder that many companies produce a wide assortment of sports collectibles. You can find everything from trading cards to cereal boxes, plastic figurines to plates, and t-shirts to bedding. So when you are a huge fan of a specific team or player, where do you draw the line?

As a trading card collector, it would be easy for me to say that only standard trading cards will become targets for my collection. Granted, as I have previously written, even that can be a headache at times. Sure, I have a few Starting Lineup figurines and various other Emmitt consumer goods, but cards are definitely my focus. That all seems very fine, black and white even. But every so often, something comes along to grey things up a bit. That “thing” for today’s topic of discussion is coins.

Now you may say, “If you are a card collector, why would you bother with collecting coins, even if they do feature Emmitt Smith?” At first, I would be quick to answer, “I wouldn’t,” but then I have to remind myself that I already have two such pieces in my Emmitt collection. The image below is a minted brass coin produced by Pinnacle Brands, Inc., the same company that made some great trading cards at their…*ahem*…pinnacle.

1996 Pinnacle Mint Coins Brass
1996 Pinnacle Mint Coins Brass

As a stand-alone coin, I probably could have avoided that one. As luck would have it though, it was included in a lot I bought on eBay some months ago. Of course now that it’s in my collection, I’m not giving it up any time soon. A new problem pops up when the coin is actually part of the card. Take the image below, another coin produced by Pinnacle in 1997:

1997 Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Coins Nickel
1997 Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Coins Nickel

Looks innocent enough. Except then you have to consider that it’s only rightful place is embedded into this card, right inside that nifty die-cut window:

1997 Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Die-Cuts
1997 Pinnacle Mint Minted Highlights Die-Cuts

NOW what am I suppose to do? Yes, it’s a coin, which I normally don’t collect, but it’s part of a card, which I do collect! Talk about conundrums! Thankfully, I already own this coin/card tandem, but if I didn’t, I don’t know whether or not I would pursue it. Not only does it breaks the bounds of a “standard” card, but I need at least a memorabilia-thick toploader to store it.

Does any one else suffer from these spiritual and ethical dilemmas, or should I just keep these to myself from now on?


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