Free At Last!

In case you have not taken a look at your calendar yet today, I would like to point out that it is April 15th. Sweet, sweet, beautiful April 15th. For me, that means working well into the night, working on Saturday, and not seeing my wife for days at a time is over. It’s time to get back into a normal sleep and hobby schedule. This summer I am not planning a wedding and I am not buying a house (although I will be looking to make my screen name a reality by taking and passing the CPA exam). In fact, this weekend should be a good indication how I believe the rest of the summer will play out for me. By the time you read this, I will be out of the office and either drinking some beer with my co-workers or doing some light yard work at home. Friday morning I will be off bright and early to northern PA for a weekend full of nothing but fishing and more beer. And when Monday comes around, I will sleep in for the first time in four months before spending the entire day with my wife.

Ahhhh…that’s going to feel goooood.

As for the card below, there is not a terribly strong tie in to Tax Day, but the name of the set is important to note: Collector’s Edge President Reserve Tanned Rested Ready. I may not get much of a tan this weekend, but you better believe I will finally be rested and ready for an enjoyable 8.5 months until next tax season.

1996 CE Presidents Reserve Tanned Rested Ready


2 Responses to Free At Last!

  1. jswaykos says:

    BOOOOOOOO TAX MAN!! I thought buying a house and having a kid meant I’d get big, fat refund check from the government. I thought wrong.

    Sounds like when I worked in minor league baseball – you work crazy, absurd hours for months, and when it’s all over you get a bunch of time off to regroup, see friends and family, and RELAX!


  2. Catch22 says:

    Glad to hear your 4 month Nightmare is over…..for now.

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