HOF Spotlight: Walt Kiesling

Name: Walt Kiesling
Position: Guard, Coach
Pro Career: 1926-44, 54-56
Team Affiliation(s): Duluth Eskimos, Pottsville Maroons, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Pirates/Steelers, Phil-Pitt, Card-Pitt
College: St. Thomas
Induction Class: 1966, posthumously

Brief Bio: As a hard-nosed, grind-it-out player, it is no wonder Walt Kiesling was such a dominant force in the early days of the NFL. A two-way lineman, “Big Kies” did not receive much critical acclaim and he will not be found in many record books, but he did play an important role in getting someone else to that level. As a teammate for the great Ernie Nevers, Kiesling was often the plow-like blocker who paved the way for Nevers to reach paydirt. He was named to the NFL’s all-league team in 1929, 1930, and 1932. After his playing days were over, Kiesling continued to coach. Although he won consecutive titles like other legendary leaders, his teams were known, and feared, as hard-hitting, smash-mouth competitors, the persona Kiesling held his entire playing career.

Career Stats: 125 games played

Featured Card: Hall of Fame 5×7 Headshot. As a lineman and coach, it is not a surprise that Kiesling was left off of the checklists for many vintage sets, even the ones released during his career. This headshot directly from the Pro Football Hall of Fame can be a nice alternative collectible, especially there is such headshot for every inductee. Fortunately, if you have a card-only collection, many HOF specific sets have paid homage to the great Kiesling, including the 1975 Fleer Hall of Fame set. Trivial Beckett value of that card is $0.75. Most such cards can be found on eBay for no more than $5 (most for just $1).

NOTE: You can find all of my Hall Of Fame Spotlight Features by clicking the HOF Spotlight banner above.


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